Thursday, October 29, 2009


The day we went to the quilt show my hubby and I ended up in a salvage warehouse. I came across a whole bunch of these adorable hand painted doors. They were a little big for cupboards and a little small as a door you walk through. Does anybody recognize the language? I figured if I knew what they said I might be able to figure out what they were used for.

Not that I could afford them, just curious.

Here's the upstairs where I saw them. So many things waiting to be recycled into a new home or made into art.

How cool is this? This was displayed at the blacksmith building at the Aurora museum. I'm loving this book! If you have an opportunity to get it from your library I highly recommend it. In it they show a wonderful wool Tumbling Block quilt that was found stuffed in a Aurora colony descendants couch!

Here's my additional 4 blocks from Linen Closet Quilts Vicksburg block of the month.


  1. Your blocks look great.
    I'm guessing French, but not sure. They are sweet -

  2. I like the use of the stripe fabric in the center of your stars.
    I know nothing about the design on the doors. Sure looks like an interesting place to visit, though.

  3. You get to go the coolest places! Those doors would be fun to see. I love the fabrics you are using for your bom quilt!

  4. Yess! Finally a very nice french door. For as far as I could see, these could have been for a closet to store either toys or clothing. Would end up very nice on a guest room dresser...
    Of course, storage of your very nice bom's could be a wize decision. 8^}

  5. I love your blocks! That will be an awesome quilt. Where is that salvage warehouse? My BIL, who lives in Prineville might be interested.

  6. Great blocks, Lori. I especially like the Jo Morton stripe in the center. I have some of that fabric and might have to "borrow" your idea if you don't mind.

  7. Hi Lori,LA DECOUVERTE DE means THE DISCOVERY OF , on the other HUMAIN means human, but something is missing, did you show all the doors? I love your blog, Will V in Paris It looks like Brittanny painting, google on FAYENCE DE QUIMPER, you'll discover more

  8. Ooh, what fun you must have had!! I absolutely love going through places like you pictured - you never know....

    Your blocks are looking wonderful.

  9. I love your blocks, eagle with star!!
    I've been thinking about purchase this Aurora quilter book and since you recommended it, I'll move it to my shopping cart for next purchase. Thanks, Lori.:-)

  10. I LOVE your new blog header picture. Those doors are so interesting - that salvage place looks like it is full of treasures.


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