Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Favorites

In one of the little cabins Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild had challenge quilts. Their challenge was to research quilts of the mid 1800's and make a sample completely by hand. This was one that really caught my eye. I think it is a variation on the Poinsettia block.
This next one was made by Mary Glassmeyer. It was either her 4th quilt or 7th quilt! Either way it was very ambitious and beautiful!
Is the quilting amazing in this quilt?! The colors don't do a thing for me, but the quilting is something else!
How about a few berries?
Berries and beautiful quilting.


  1. Hi -
    Just came over from Kathie's link. Beautiful hand quilting. Thanks for the wonderful photos!

  2. Thanks for sharing the antique quilts. I love the berries on that border and will add it to my files for a future quilt.

  3. Amazing!!!!
    oh I love them all, I agree the second one is not my colors but love the quilting.
    thanks again for sharing the pictures, just love seeing antique quilts

  4. I don't know. Maybe the quilt with the berries needs a few more. LOL! I don't think I will be making that one.

  5. You showed my two favorites from the show - the Baltimore and the berries. Did you notice the quilting on the berries quilt? That's what I was trying to get the really good pictures of. I think I did but they're not downloaded yet. Nice job on yours!

  6. Ok , I'm going to try this again and hopefully get rid of "no reply". Again beautiful quilt, very inspiring.

  7. Fabulous quilts. Thank you for the photos

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  8. Interesting quilting on the red/green quilt and all the quilts are so gorgeous .... what a lovely day you had!

  9. What beautiful quilting!! In the berries quilt the quilting looks like an applique block outline - I love it!

  10. They are all wonderful but the quilt with the berries! I had to click on that to see the amazing hand quilting. Beautiful, thanks for showing them all.

  11. What a great show of quilts. Appliqued berries and lots of hand quilting . . . does it get better?

  12. These wonderful quilts make me realize how much I have to learn. What wonderful gifted ladies.

  13. Two of my most favorite quilt subjects: vintage and appliqué!

  14. I love that first little quilt and you are right, that quilting is amazing! I don't have the patience for that, but love to look at it!


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