Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Quilt Books- New Projects

This is a book that's new to me. I'm taking a class with the author soon and thought it would be nice to read up a little. I love it! Tonye has been inspired by Gwen Marston and it shows.
I love this little swirl! You can see more of her talent at this website.

Alright, Alright, I know I just showed you this book, but I had to show it again. What a wonderful treat to spend some time looking through it. I ordered mine through The Country Loft, but I know many online quilt shops are stocking it. Crazy quilts aren't new, and wool quilts aren't new, but this book puts the two together combined with some great folksy applique patterns and some charming stitches to come up with a new twist!

Here's a sneak peak at a few of the patterns and stitching ideas.

Here's my humble start. I'm hoping to get it basted today. I have one stitch in!!!
If you would like to join in the fun follow the link to the Wool Crazy Sew Along in the upper right of my blog.


  1. That looks like a fabulous book - I can't wait to see your class project, Lori.

    I'm excited to watch everyone working on the wool quilt - wish I could. Sigh! :-)

  2. I'm loving the crazy quilt book. I have sorta one started. It has bigger blocks, but there is lots of room for hand work to be put on it and I think I need to order the book. Thanks for showing it to us.


  3. oh NO I have been trying my best not to order that crazy quilt book!
    oh I think I will just have to dream of it thru watching you. I do not have a wool collection and don't want to start collecting wool, where would I put it is my excuse right now!
    keep us posted, love your background so far :)
    ps I do have the other book and it is a goodie !!!!!

  4. I'll be watching the wool work from the side lines. Oh goodness the applique looks like that will also be a fun one that I will be watching! :-)

  5. Wow, you are fast! :-) So, I'm wondering if you just make your background and then put in appliqués that fit? Or do you plan it the background pieces to fit the appliqué that you want to use? Does that make sense? Your background looks great. I ordered my book from CL, too, although it could take a couple of weeks to get up here to Canada.

  6. I wish I had the energy to dig my wools out for the wool crazy quilt. Isn't that book just wonderful!
    I am not familiar with the lady you are going to take the class from. Her book looks interesting.

  7. What great applique! Do you know what you'll be making in the class?

  8. Thanks for the book review. Never heard of the author so appreciate being introduced to what's out there. Love the little swirl too. :)

  9. Wow!! Are you ever speedy!! Well done- your wool block is looking great and I like your colours!
    Take care!!

  10. Oh Lori how totally fun. I'm not a jump in gal but I just love being here to watch and share. big hugs of fun, *karendianne.

  11. You have so many neat things planned and started. I'll be watching your progress and enjoying every step.

  12. Wow, you are start making Wool Cazy! Way to go!
    I love Wool Crazy, hopefully I'll join you one day... :-)

    This applique book in in my wish list for a while. I'm looking forward to see your repot of her class!

  13. I haven't gotten my book yet - are the crazy wool pieces stitched and flipped? Or just stitched down flat?


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