Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crazy Quiltin'

This is what I've finished as of this morning. My embroidery still needs a bit of work but I think the more I do the better I'll get. (that's the plan!! LOL)

While at my quilt class I told you the teacher asked us to bring in show and tell. A woman brought in this crazy quilt that her grandmother made. The date embroidered on the quilt was 1885 and the appraiser agreed with that time frame. She did say sometimes dates on these types of quilts do not always represent when it was made but rather to mark an occasion, such as a birth, death or marriage.

Since I'm working on the wool crazy quilt this was a joy to see!

I love the fan and am pretty sure I'll work one into my WCQ.

Look what is attempting to bloom in my backyard! Can spring be far behind?


  1. I enjoy looking at crazy quilts, they speak to you and tell you a lot about the makers life. That's such an interesting time in quilt history.

  2. You've gotten alot done on your block! It's looking really good. That would be fun to see a crazy quilt in person. I can't wait for spring!

  3. What a fun quilt. That antique is amazing!
    I'm also crossing my fingers for spring.

  4. I love your new blog header! What a special antique quilt. I think your wool crazy will be every bit as beautiful.

  5. love your wool block
    the crazy quilt is beautiful
    I love looking at them for the embroidery stitches...
    what a wonderful treat that was to see hers.
    ps love your new blog header :)

  6. I have always thought that if I made a crazy quilt, it would include a fan. I just think a fan belongs. I think your wool crazy is going to be a winner. It is prim style, so I don't think the embroidery stitches have to be as nice as in a formal crazy quilt.

  7. Your crazy quilt looks great! I love the little rabbit and the hand especially. How big are you going to make it?

  8. CUTE~!!~
    love the pear on the spool the best . . . or maybe the birdhous on the post . . . no, definately the bee skep . . .


  9. Lori, your wool crazy is coming along wonderfully. You're doing a great job. YIPPEE! Spring!

  10. Isn't that crazy quilt amazing?

    Your wool crazy quilt block is really coming along, Lori. Great job!

    OMG, a flower coming up in your garden already? I am soooooo jealous!!! We "might" see the same here in about 8 weeks...if we're lucky.

  11. Your crazy wool is looking fantastic! If your little flowers are tying to poke through for Spring, them I'm hoping that means that Summer is nearly finished here and Autumn wont be far away.

  12. I love looking at crazy quilts. Don't know if I have the patience to do one. I'd probably cheat and do all the decorative stitches on my sewing machine. Your quilt is coming along wonderfully. I love the angel on it!!

  13. Your CQ is looking amazing!! Someday maybe your great grand daughter will be taking your CQ to her quilt group to show them your talents a hundred years from now!! I can see it happening!! Makes you want to put in a few extra stitches doesn't it!! Love it!! Keep sharing!

  14. Enjoy your blog, your crazy quilt is to cute, this is something I would like to do some times. HAPPY SEWING!

  15. Love your first Wool Crazy block. Those antique CQ is beautiful too. I love CQ, they are my favorite and I have made many blocks myself. Thanks for sharing - Hugs Nat

  16. How wonderful that you found some vintage inspiration for your wool piece. Show and tell is always such fun *s*

  17. Yahoo for you, I do believe spring must be nearly there. Love what you've done so far on the wool project. I used to be interested in crazy quilting but no more. How wonderful to have seen the antique.

  18. Oh WOW....flowers....yes....REAL

    Your crazy quilt is so crazy good!!

  19. There are so many, many things I love about this. I couldn't post about them all. But I'll point out one item that touched my heart. The cross. Delicate. Of course I love the fan, too!!!

  20. I love crazy quilts. I started one, but it has been put aside for now. Your embroidery looks really great to me. Thanks for sharing that wonderful quilt.


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