Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's a Puzzle

Here are these cool blocks again. Martha was surprised to hear I was appliqueing them so I thought I'd do a step by step and show you how I am doing them. Not perfect by any means...the humble of the humble, I believe.

I looked up alternate names on this block. Martha is calling this block Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. I see it is also Drunkard's Path, Solomon's Puzzle, Wanderer's Path in the Wilderness, Oregon Trail and Endless Trail.  Nothing in quilting is black and white is it? Thanks goodness!!

The next time I show these I'll make sure I press them a little better. Nine are mine, one is Martha's.
Martha sent templates, so I draw around the template on freezer paper and cut them out.
 She has them all cut out and packaged- cute huh? Did I mention that these are vintage fabrics?
Love 'em!!
I trim a small 1/4" off the freezer paper.
And iron them onto the back of the fabric.
I use my iron to push the seam allowance over the freezer paper. I remove the paper, spray with a a bit of starch and press them again.
Using my short applique pins I pin them to the other section of the block. I'm not lining up anything to be perfect. These blocks are tiny!! I am doing the best I can. I've been trying to applique 4 of these per night, then sew those sections together on the machine the following day.  It is nice to have an alternate method of assembly. If you are ever stuck, ask some friends and I'm sure they will gladly offer their 2 cents.
I cancelled my order with the first online quilt store and have re-ordered again. This paper piece pattern is waiting for me as it will be the center of my Jubilee quilt.
If you said you wanted to join in on making a Jubilee quilt, then find your pattern and gather your fabric. How will make it yours? Can you change it up from the original pattern so you will have a unique quilt just for you? I am thinking about doing the Linky for our Jubilee once or twice a month, then we can hop around and encourage each other and see what everyone is up to. It will also keep us focused on making progress.

I'll draw Thursday morning from the Lemonade links. I can't believe 63 little quilts and a few more that won't be quite finished. Thanks so much for all the fun!!


  1. Lori -- It was very resourceful of you to figure out a technique that works better for you. Your description and photos are great and I think your little blocks look just perfect. I am really excited to see the finished top.

  2. such tiny cute blocks~!
    you're doing great Lori and i can hardly wait to see the finish.
    it's a lot of fun to work with these sweet vintage/antique fabrics and i suppose a bit of a different time span than you normally work in.


  3. Lori, these are so tiny and cute. I don't know that I could get them right whether on a machine or by hand. What a sweet little quilt this will be. And they aren't just repros, but truly vintage fabrics? So cool!

  4. Such tiny blocks. Thanks for sharing how you made them and pointing out the importance of finding the best way for you. Hope your fabric arrives soon.

  5. How many have you heard from that plan on joining in on the Jubilee quilt making? I know of one besides you and Barb.

  6. Oh those blocks are adorable!!!

  7. Your little blocks are just too cute and I think that applique is about the right method for this size block!!! What a great response you got with the Pink Lemonade QAL!!!

  8. I think applique is a good solution for piecing the little blocks. I never have good luck with curved piecing on a machine, so thank you for that suggestion.

  9. Wow...what cute little blocks! I have my Pink Lemonade on my design wall - so glad I gave in to the peer pressure! Now...when is the next QAL???

  10. Lori - I saw a tutorial on these on the web somewhere and the lady appliqued a whole circle onto a bigger square, and then cut it into fourths. That might make the applique easier since the pieces would be a little bigger during the applique process.

  11. I think your applique idea for those blocks is excellent - I can't imagine piecing those on the machine. They look great so far! I can't wait to see you progress on your Jubilee quilt

  12. Cute little blocks!
    Your jubilee project looks like fun too.
    So fun to see all the Pink Lemonades up.

  13. I'd forgotten that you'd won these from Martha till I headed over to her blog and read a couple posts about it.
    I enjoy hand stitching little blocks like these, but if you prefer your applique method, then that's the right way for you. Cute, cute little blocks.


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