Saturday, February 4, 2012

Are You Ready for Some....

Football? Laugh out loud Commercials? Quilting? 
All of the above?!
I might get a little hand quilting done, but nothing in the sewing room. We'll have about a dozen people over for the Superbowl game tomorrow. It is always a fun yearly event.

Here's the 3rd installment of the Just Takes 2 blocks. My corner sections are on wrong but I am not changing it.
Here is my start of the Robbing Peter blocks. The lower left is Martha's perfect block. Mine are appliqued and anything but perfect. I'm trimming the blocks up to 2 1/2". Very tiny for my big hands.
On February 7th at 10PM our Pink Lemonade show and tell party will end. I will then draw a name from everyone who entered their quilt and will send off this lovely stack of yellow and pink FQers.
51 entries! I'm overwhelmed and thrilled. I loved seeing all the variations and ones just like the original. Thank you all who did the quiltalong and added your link. There is plenty of time to finish. If you don't have a blog send me a photo and I'll get it posted.

I ordered fabric for my  Jubilee quilt on Monday and haven't heard one more thing from the place I ordered from. I'm so disappointed. I ordered solids- green, red, cheddar and off white to imitate an 1850's quilt. If you can get me those I will see if I can cancel my order. 5 days to cut 4 fabrics and package them up. :( Boo-Hoo.

Time for a run, then housekeeping, and set up my football pool!! Have a fantastic weekend.


  1. I love your red and white block! Whatever the pattern called for couldn't be better - perhaps you invented a new block?! The thirties are sweeties.
    Hope your fabric arrives today so you can get cutting. Happy Super Bowl party!

  2. I'm not doing the red and white blocks so I don't see what's different in your corners. They look really nice to me! I hope you get your fabric soon. Where did you order it from?

    I'm not watching the Super Bowl - I'll be watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Kittens provide the half time entertainment. It's a tradition for me with breaks to watch the commercials on the game. The puppies are just so cute!

  3. Your red & white blocks are beautiful, I just received my red fabric, I will start monday !
    I am certain now I want to follow you on the Jubilee quilt, are you OK ?

  4. I could not get excited about this block and was going to replace it with something else until I saw yours ... now I can hardly wait to make it! Thanks for helping me see it in a new light :)

  5. Um, Lori, I think you mean FEBRUARY 7th, not!

    Love your red and white blocks and geese, and the 30s blocks--my hands are big too!

    No football watching for me but have a great time at your gathering :)

  6. I love your red and white! And all your projects are sweet. Thanks so much for hosting the pink lemonade parade...we are all loving It!

  7. Lori, I love the position of your corner blocks. They look great!

    Yes, tomorrow will probably not be a day that I will be doing much sewing. Who can concentrate? LOL

    Man, I need to get my 3rd installment of the Just Takes 2 done. Whoohee...what a busy week!

  8. your blocks look great! love your new project in 30's very charming.
    oh no I am so sorry about your order, isn't that annoying when your waiting to get started on a project
    hope it arrives on Monday
    have fun tomorrow!

  9. Love your red/white blocks, and those tiny 30's blocks are just so darn cute!!!!
    I am enjoying seeing the gallery of Pink Lemonade quilts, this QAL has generated a lot of interest and they are all just wonderful!!!!

  10. Am I the only 50-something person on earth who has made it through their entire life without ever having the super bowl on in their home? I like college football, but even the men in my family are not that taken by pro football. Pro basketball is another story. : )
    Love your little Robbing Peter blocks--so cute. And your red and white blocks are beautiful.

  11. I can't believe how tiny your Robbing Peter blocks are, They must be so cute in real life. I hope your fabric turns up. I always return to on-line shops that have nice customer service with emails and a comment on the invoice. It really adds something more to the transaction. Enjoy the super bowl.

  12. Your red and white block looks great.

    Thank you for the pink lemonade show & tell, it was great fun looking at all the quilts.

  13. the superbowl will be on at our house too. i will do some hand quilting on my pink lemonade and see how far along i can get it . . .
    i think we should be sending YOU the gift. you've once again hosted a beautiful and fun quilt-a-long ~ THANK YOU LORI~!!~
    i've had a good time visiting other blogs and seeing many different versions of this one.


  14. Oh my gosh -- your little RPTPP blocks look amazing -- I love them! I was surprised to hear that you are appliqueing the blocks. That's so creative of you -- I think for me appliqueing would be a much harder technique. Anyway, they look absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to see the finished top.

    I can't even tell you how fun this is to see someone make a kit that I put together -- I'm pretty excited.

    Oh. . . and your red and white block is just beautiful!

  15. Love the top two pics! Have you invented your own Lori block then in no 1?

  16. Have a fun party! Hope the commercials are good this year, because I have no emotional attachment to the teams since my 49ers lost.

  17. Hope your package arrives on Monday. I purchased the cheddar from Marcus Brothers Centennial Solids, it's very nice! I'd have to look to see why your block is different, I haven't done this one yet but one who paper pieced it struggled because she twisted the sashing sections and one other person decided to just piece it and it was too big. I studied it and for it finishing at 12.5, paper piecing is the way to go.

  18. Your red and white block is gorgeous! I love flying geese too :0) Those little blocks look just fine to me - I bet they are tricky!
    Hope you party goes well.

  19. Your red/white blocks came out great! Do you have the cutting sizes? My computer didn't work right so they didn't open/print to the right size. UGH.
    When does the Jubilee start? And have you done your Farmer's Wife blocks yet?? VBG

  20. The red and white blocks are great and the tiny 30's repo blocks, as well. I will not have my QAL quilt done by the 7th. Loving everyone elses.

  21. Lori, this was such a fun quilt along! I love your "eye" and style, and the little quilts you choose. So fun! Thank you!

    Will you leave the Linky available for slowpokes like me to show their completed quilt? Even if the drawing/ giveaway is over?

    I also so appreciated the other quilters who came to my blog and saw my quilt, left kind messages, so cool! I ll visit back this week!

    Have you ever thought of doing a second doll quilt along, maybe in early summer? Christmas in July-ish? I d be IN!

    Love your projects, but why are your red corners "wrong''? They look good to me?

    thank you Lori!


    lizzy at gone to the beach

  22. GIANTS WIN!!!! AGAIN!!
    ha ha
    I was too tired to sew, but did watch the game (almost all of it)
    Your R&W looks awesome and I adore those little RP/PP blocks.


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