Monday, June 20, 2016

Front Porch Block 2

I hope I gave everyone a chance to get their flags completed. Personally I thought they sewed up super fast. I wanted to get the linky party for this one on a new schedule. This next time we will have a month, but I'll post the third Monday of the month. So next time will be July 18th. I'm trying to move it out of the way of the medallion deadline.

 Here are my 3 simple flags. I did not trim them down because I may need a bit of play to assemble the quilts. You may or may not know that if you have done jan's patterns before. Here is your forewarning. :)
Here are Cathy's flags. Love that little flag print!
We are skipping ahead and doing this fun basket with flag. According to the pattern it is block 7. 

And here  is the quilt again for those of you that may be new. We completed the house and 3 flags.

See you July 18th!

It's almost the longest day of the year. I love it when it is still a little light at 10PM. 


  1. This is so fun, Lori. You ALMOST tempt me to join, but the day I start a SAL with applique (other than wool), someone had better have my head examined. *LOL*

  2. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!! Love your colours so far!

  3. oh I wish my schedule wasn't so crazy so I could jump on board with all your block challenges! Hope to see you quilt show morning!

  4. I really like the quilt. I wish I was getting some sewing done.:(
    Happy stitching

  5. okey dokey... I'm on it today!!! Thanks for being the troop leader!!
    Hope we can meet up on Wednesday still!
    Love your flags. Note that I goofed a little and only one has the star in the right corner...oops!!
    Those darned directions!!

  6. Yours and Cathy's Flags are wonderful! Good reminder about not trimming too soon. I had a very hard time getting Pokeberry by JP to fit together. Thanks for choosing the Basket for next time,lots of nice hand sewing for me, I hope.


  7. Uh oh! I trimmed my flags. And I should have known from your other sew along. Fingers crossed all will work out!

  8. Such wonderful flags!! Great fabric choices too!


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