Friday, June 17, 2016

Made it to Friday!

One of our employees had surgery on his hand on Monday so it has been a long work week with very little sewing. I'm hoping to make up a little of that time this weekend.

 The Sisters quilt show is coming up fast and I have misplaced my class registration confirmation and supply list.  I very rarely ever lose anything so it has me frustrated. I started in on my sewing room, searching high, searching low, and then realized I didn't want to be stressed out looking for it, so I paid them $5 to reprint and send me the info. It should be in the mail tomorrow. I'm sure I'll find my original one as soon as the mail comes! LOL
 Here is a new to me quilt book that I've been reading in the evenings. It's a good one!
 I did get a little time to sew yesterday and this is all I am going to show you of my Gwennie Inspired medallion. My "childhood" theme border is complete. I hope what I have added grows on me. I'm not sure if I like it or not.

My son made it to Norway and took off on a hiking and camping adventure immediately. 

Yes, that it them on that ledge!
Here's my Instagram feed for the week.

Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends. 


  1. looking forward to seeing that first border -
    oh my that photo is amazing! How cool

  2. Well, I guess great minds do think alike, I am using red polka dots on a white background in my childhood border too. Can't wait to see your, it looks intriguing. Sorry you have had a stressful week. Work stress is the worst! Hope you get some good stitching time and more time to read that fantastic book. Lynne is a fantastic writer. Cyndi (Busy Thimble) and I were lucky enough to see that exhibit while Lynne was still working at Sturbridge Village. It was sensational. And you son and his girlfriend are scaring me! What a beautiful place, but you wouldn't find me on that ledge!

  3. I am happy you chose nit to get stressed!

  4. So curious to see your childhood border :0) That book looks very good - I love the cover quilt! $5 well spent. Enjoy your weekend stitching.

  5. I'm working on my border and have the same feeling.... am I love it or not ??
    Hum... that's a good question because I didn't make the corners yet.... we have 2 weeks to decide it ! :)
    I wish you a lovely weekend without stress !!

  6. My border is different I think I better send off for the book. I'm doing embroidery and applique oh well. Can't wait to see the others. Sally A

    1. I think as long as it has meaning and is unique to you, than that is great! There is no right or wrong.

  7. Wow, the new border looks out of your usual comfort zone. Bu I know it will be wonderful.
    Looks like Elsa has really settled in with the family. And what are the green pom poms upper left, in your Instagram page? Have a good weekend!


  8. Thanks for sharing your project! And I'm glad to know that you like reading good books on quilty subjects in the evening too!

  9. A little peek at what you are working on.... Has me very interested to see the rest. The pictures are beautiful, but I would be terrified to go so far out. Hope you get to sew this week end.

  10. Had hoped to be at Sisters this year, but looks like not.
    That looks like an interesting book.
    Oh, that photo gives me butterflies and I am not even on the ledge. I hope he gets to see some gorgeous Northern Lights!!

  11. WOW!! That picture in Norway is amazing!!!!

  12. I think we are all a bit more busier in the summer with outdoor activities added. Love that shot, no way will I stand on a ledge, I get off balance on heights so I have to be careful.


  13. Your round for the medallion quilt looks oh so interesting. I look forward to seeing how it all gels together. I have an idea for my round but sewing hasn't been happening here.

  14. Well, of course you will find those papers as soon as the new ones arrive--isn't that always the way it happens?!? I'm still pondering the childhood round--so far I have nothing!

  15. Now, I'm really curious to see that border. I am sorry about the paperwork, but I had to giggle because it WILL show up as soon as the one in the mail arrives. That's just how those things work, isn't it? What a wonderful adventure for you son, I hope my kids will take the time to travel like that while they are still young. It's such an amazing experience.

  16. ooooo I can't wait to see your border. I have finally made a plan for mine and made a small start. Sorry about your work stress. Norway looks beautiful but wow that ledge - that would cause me mom-stress but it looks like your son is an experienced and wise adventurer!

  17. Your comment, "I hope what I have added grows on me," concerning the border of your Gwennie quilt resonates with me, Lori. I wonder how many others of us have a similar response. I know I do. I'm looking forward to seeing what "childhood" looks like to you.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,


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