Wednesday, December 5, 2018

IQF- Modern Quilts

Here are a few of the more modern quilts that caught my eye. 

This one won a big prize. Look at that handquilting! 

What a fun quilt- make sure to read the sign below.  
I am pretty sure this is my 2019 motto! LOL 

I hope you all are having a wonderful week full of blessings.


  1. I really must spend more time in the quilt section than in the vendor section. With only one day to take it all in I missed all these great quilts! Thank you for showing the quilts and for your view of IQF for the past few weeks. And thank you for all you do for quilters everywhere!

  2. Love that last one! ;-)
    I'm scheming of a trip to Chico if I can visit a friend in Sacramento area soon.
    I hope your trip goes well. Thank you for doing it!

  3. Oh that last one is awesome! And the one with the student houses is excellent.

  4. d to say, I love these quilts! Most harken back to folkart/ old time quilts. My fave are the first two, the blue and white is wonderful. And so many have great quilting. Really beautiful modern quilts.

    1. Typo!---should say, "I am surprised to say..." etc.

  5. Loved the 4 women shadows at the beach!

  6. I am not much into very modern, spare quilts,myself; but I love the Zen one and those houses are super...
    thanks for sharing the beautiful array...hugs, Julierose

  7. thanks Lori I love the Paris Door!

  8. What a fun house quilt. It has so much personality. Yeah, that handquilting was amazing!!

  9. Oh my, that first quilt just makes me melt inside! Such gorgeousness with all that stitching texture! Thanks for sharing all the lovelies!

  10. Though I am traditional in style, there is a lot to love in these quilts, too!

  11. These are beautiful quilts, no matter what label is attached to them!! I love modern quilts with all the negative space for the quilting to "shine"! It is fun and challenging to adapt traditional blocks into a "modern" quilt. The student houses steals my heart and the incredible quilting on the "Song of Early Spring" is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing my favorite part of any quilt show...the quilts!!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful quilts from Houston. They are colorful, fun and very creative.

  13. That first one sings to me the most, but all are so wonderful and creative. Thank you for sharing them.


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