Monday, December 3, 2018

IQF Traditional Quilts

Here are several of my traditional favorites from the IQF Show 2018 in Houston.
Click on any photo tag to get a close up of the maker and quilt info.

 The toile was so beautiful.

I applaud anybody who executes a Sue Garmen quilt in the entirety!

 And another Sue Garmen pattern.

 This blog post HERE of Barbara Brackman's was about the best explanation of Quilts de Legende in English.

 One of my favorites. It's crazy, busy, intricate, traditional... amazing! All in one quilt!

 This was probably one of my favorites too. That quilting speaks to me!

I actually thought all of these were supposed to be completely by hand. Maybe they've changed the rules. 

This is not part of the Quilts de legend, but such a pretty sampler!! 

I hope you all weren't tired of seeing the lovely quilts in Houston!

Take care and have a fantastic Monday!


  1. Simply stunning quilts! thank you for the virtual showing; I really love that blue toile and the vases of roses--but they are all so lovely...hugs, Julierose

  2. I like the toile quilt very much. I have some toile fabrics in stash but whether a large enough piece to do something similar, I don't know.
    I am drawn to the feathered star quilt with the birds on the border. I like the colors and the design. Feathered star blocks aren't always the easiest to piece.

  3. This was a delightful post. I was happy to see some traditional quilts from the show. So many of them I would love to call my own. :)
    Like Karen, I was really drawn to the feathered star quilt. Hmmm, I wonder if I did the stars, if she would do the applique for me? LOL

  4. Fabulous quilts! Thank you for sharing them.


  5. What gorgeous quilts. Thank so much for sharing!

  6. awesome collection of quilts!!! loved seeing them - thanks lori!

  7. Oh, my! I really liked these, especially all the medallion quilts.

  8. Amazing quilts from Houston! Thanks so much for sharing,always enjoy seeing your posts!!!
    Have a great week!

  9. These quilts are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!


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