Friday, May 8, 2009

Doing What Makes me Happy

Quilt therapy at last! I've been so busy getting my mom moved from Idaho and settled into her apartment that I haven't had any time for sewing. A few days ago I was able to get it cleaned up and organized and finally yesterday I got to sit down at the machine! As I was quilting I thought of my new readers and wondered if their sewing room looked anything like mine. Would I be embarrassed to have anybody but close friends over to see my humble abode that I call my sewing room? Nah- what's important to me is to find joy in the quilts I make. I did have to laugh a bit though so I thought I'd share.

This is just a cute wall hanging that a friend gave me a kit for. Sunflowers will always bring a smile to my face.

Especially when I am free motion quilting I cannot do without my gloves with the nubs. Notice the fingertip missing? That would be my dog's fault. Once in a while he will hang out with me in my sewing room and find trouble.

My Bernina that I bought used from a friend. I really wanted a machine that would do a buttonhole stitch and this worked out really good for both of us. I have my hardy Viking in my closet for a backup or an extra. My brother made my sewing table from a door. I wish I would have thought to have him set the drop back a couple of inches, but I've used it for many years and am pretty used to it now. If your machine isn't flush with your table you'll be wonderfully surprised at the difference it makes. I love it for machine quilting, which is what I was doing yesterday.
Does your sewing room make you happy?


  1. I love your sewing table! My sewing machine sits on top of an antique desk. It does have a large surface area, but I often wish that there was a way to drop my machine down into the top the way yours is.

  2. Yes, sewing makes me happy! My sewing room is also the guest bedroom and office, so am often left without being able to sew. I need to be better prepared with hand work!

  3. I'm glad you got to do some sewing! I like sunflowers, too. I really like your sewing table. I used to have a table where my machine was flush with the table and it is much better!

  4. My sewing room is so messy...I think it could use a good organization fest. Seriously need to get on that. Thanks for the reminder!


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