Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Quilts

Generally I reserve baby quilts for my special friends or family. I don't want my quilts to be folded up and put away for the future. I really want to see them used and snuggled with. I also think there is something really exciting about a baby quilt in 30's reproduction. They are so bright and cheery and fun!

Here is a simple one that Rene (my daughter) requested for a co-worker. Another bright and cheery one with frogs!


  1. Great baby quilts! I just posted a photo of a turtle quilt I made for my daughter's friend.

  2. Those are such fun quilts and the recipients should just love them.

    What a surprise to hear you were one of the designers of the block I made! You did a very nice job and it was a joy to applique.


  3. What lovely baby quilts, all different. The one with stars is very appealing, I love it.


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