Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Doll Quilts

Old quilt. Reproduction quilt.

Sometimes I gotta just have a quick easy project. Doll quilts fill that need!!


  1. I think I am missing out! I haven't made any of the little quilts. I do have a couple books for inspiration. And they couldn't take a lot of time. I like yours very much!

  2. I picked up a book about doll quilts not long ago, but I have yet to make one...too many projects and not enough time!

  3. They are wonderful, I love the doll quilts.I think I need to make more.

  4. These are beautiful. I want to do that someday - make lots of little quilts to fill a whole wall - I think it would be a fun way to try out new techniques and be able to start lots and lots of new things. I've made a few, but I am trying to finish up a few things around here before starting another project. I like to make the little ones with the scraps of the big ones, but the one I am working on - the scraps have to be saved for the applique.

  5. Love your reproductions
    I made the one on the bottom too!
    making doll quilts fills a need especially when I am working on a few long term projects at the same time.
    having them around my house makes me smile too.
    Love changing them out every couple of months.

  6. Your doll quilts are adorable! I love the was they instantly look aged. I've enjoyed looking at all your projects.


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