Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Out of the Box

If you have been reading this blog very long at all you probably have noticed what type of quilts I like to make. These two are a bit out of my usual comfort zone. I saw a lecture by Mary Lou Weidman and was inspired to create and design a quilt for my daughter's graduation. I had about a year from idea to graduation and this is what I came up with. All the fabrics and the applique are all about her and what she liked to do at the time. Singing was a huge part of high school, followed by our cat, her red car (which she still drives) and cheerleading. In case you are wondering Opal is not her middle name but we considered it before she was born. Her brother has always teased her about that.

Seven years later my niece told me she would like something similar for her graduation. Well, I realized after the first quilt that designing was better left to the pros, but I attempted to make a quilt with a lot of personality for her.
This is what I came up with. She too was into music, cheerleading and animals so I made sure those elements were in here, but reserved a lot of words and fun for the quilting. It was almost a Where's Waldo kind of thing. I used Gwen Marston's liberated piecing for the stars and had a lot of fun making this.

These types are definitely out of the box for me, but I do enjoy it, especially when I know they appreciate my quilts.


  1. So much fun! I'm sure your daughter loved it. Obviously your niece did, since she asked for one! One of my daughters has been asking for a quilt, but I think I'll stick with a pattern. I'm not sure I'm in the mood to be that creative! haha

  2. These quilts are so special! They'd be out of the box for me too but are so nice to do for your daughter and niece. I love that you put special things in the quilting.


  3. Even though you worked out of your comfort zone, what great quilts you created. I did a quilt from a book Mary Lou had out for a friend's birthday. I used a pattern from the book with some alteration to it. It was a big hit! I am sure your niece will love hers.

  4. OH these would be out of the box for me too!
    but I am determined to make a quilt and put words on the border as well as many different elements that I have seen on antique quilts all on one quilt!
    will be interesting ! Now I just need to do it!
    I think it is fun working out of the box once in a while.

  5. What fun quilts, it's good to be versatile so we can make and give something that suits the recipient. It improves our skills too.

  6. Great quilts. Appliqued quilts are my favorite so I really like those two quilts especially the 2008 quilt.Love the colors in that one.


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