Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Americana Strings

Because this was a string/scrap quilt my plan was to keep the quilting simple. The big white spaces kept calling for more! more! more! Now that it's done I love it! And even my poorly executed machine quilting doesn't look as bad.

Here was a fun backing I found at the outdoor sale at Fabric Depot a couple of weeks ago. I think it was $3 yard. Unfortunately I measured once then had to cut more then once to make up for my lousy measuring. See that couple inch strip at the top?

Now that I am looking at the photo it probably would have looked better if I would have tried to line up the white squiggles. Too late now!!

Mari, I wasn't able to post back to you as you are on no-reply. I didn't use a commercial pattern when I made this. I used Electric Quilt for the size of the stars, then freezer paper and a plate for the swag border.


  1. How wonderful! The blocks look like fireworks bursting that are surrounded by bunting - the perfect patriotic quilt *s*

  2. You did a great job on your quilting! The stars look wonderful and I love the strip on the top of the backing. I think I actually like it better than if you hadn't needed it. Just don't tell!

    You've really been busy lately!

  3. the quilting is amazing!
    great job!
    I can only hope to be able to do that someday.
    LoVE this string quilt and that border well just my style!
    Love the backing
    hey whatever works is my new motto!

  4. Your machine quilting on the patriotic quilt is wonderful! Not just plain meandering but some fancy stuff. You have a wonderful quilt to display for the patriotic holiday coming up.

  5. I love Americana Strings. Is that pattern available somewhere?


  6. The quilt is lovely and the quilting looks great to me, I love string stars.

  7. I love that quilt! Your machine quilting looks great, too. The white squiggles look much more interesting this way. Grat job!

  8. I just love the border you put on your string star. Would you mind sharing how you made it?

  9. Very pretty! I love the wonky backing.


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