Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sisters Quilt Show

Only a month until the week before the Sisters quilt show. My friend Randy invites me every year to her house in Sunriver for some good girl time, wine, healthy food and lots of sewing! Last year was the first year I was able to go for more then one day and I tell you it was mighty fine! I think I'm overdue. So, now I have a about a month to figure out what I'm bringing to work on or to get a new project ready or both! Woo-Hoo! I worked on a project this winter at her place and have hardly touched it so I'm sure I'll need to get more cut and ready. Last time we were together we talked about "crumbs." If you don't know what crumbs are then you haven't visited Bonnie's site. She wanted us to bring all our small pieces that never made it in a quilt and make a crumb quilt. I know what it is but have no idea how to put them together. I'll have to see if that challenge is still on.

Speaking of Sisters quilt show, this is the first quilt I actually put up for sale at the show. The pattern came from Vintage Quilts magazine (put out by McCall's,I think) and I absolutely loved it. I didn't strip piece as I very rarely do anything the "easy, shortcut way", although I know it is faster. Because piecing is my favorite part of quiltmaking I like sewing squares together and just seeing the quilt grow from small pieces. Bonnie Hunter worked her quilting magic on it and I was in love with this quilt. I thought I'd put it in the show, put a high price on it just to see if it would sell. Well, it did, which made me happy but also made me sad. I wrote the new owner a note thanking her for purchasing my quilt. She sent me this wonderful photo of her and her girlfriend holding their purchases in front of the mountains in Sisters. It was fun seeing her enjoying the quilt!


  1. AH, I have sweet memories of the Sister's Quilt Show having visited only once 7 years ago. Someday I'll visit again. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for the reminder about Crumbs, Crumbs, Crumbs. Quilters are definitely some of the original "green" people on the earth. Most of us just can't throw anything away--if it's big enough for a couple seams, it's usable in a future project.

  3. Lovely quilt and congratulations on the sale!

  4. I know it was hard to part with but getting paid well makes up for it. More fabric for more quilts!

  5. Watch out! Making those crumb tops can be very addicting! I have a huge bin full of crumb squares now and there must be at least 10 quilts on my "to-do" list using crumb blocks.

    Love the quilt you sold. It's a beauty. I hope you'll post lots of photos when you go to the Sisters Show. It's one of the best.


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