Friday, August 14, 2009

Antique American Quilts

I really love this quilt. It's gets more charming the closer you get.

If I tried to do a quilt like this mine would probably be as round and smooth as this one!

This photo is so blurry but I really wanted you to see the little spike at the end of the border where the maker had cut it off.


  1. I like the brown & blue fabric used in this quilt. I think that was a popular fabric at one time as I have seen it used in other antique quilts.

  2. oh a great quilt
    maybe we need to challenge ourselves to make a quilt where we cut the border to fit the quilt not the border design to fit the quilt,
    these quilts just make me smile and then look the circles are not perfectly round
    but we LOVE the quilt and LOVE the hand quilting
    Windham had a fabric out like this awhile back I think
    love blue and brown fabrics like this
    again thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  3. Hey, I think she was just ahead of her time. That looks an awful lot like "liberated quiltmaking" to me. ;-)

  4. More great antique quilt photos - thank you.

  5. I love that quilt. And, I love when there are little oddities in a quilt. I wonder why we work so hard to make our quilts perfect? :-) When, sometimes it's the imperfect parts that makes them interesting...

  6. What a marvelous quilt! Thanks for the close up shots - the quilting is beautifully done and intriging.

  7. Yes, It's very beautiful. Thank you for a close up picture, I always love to see an antique quilt quilting desins.:-)

  8. Now that's my kind of quilt! It's nice to know that a quilt can still end up in a museum and not be "perfect".

  9. The beauty of some of these old quilts just makes me sigh. This one is no exception.
    Keep the photos coming. They're inspiring.


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