Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Antique Quilts

I hope you are enjoying seeing these old quilts as much as I am.

There were two of these blocks in this quilt. Do you really think they were done on purpose? Or they just pieced it wrong and decided to leave it?


  1. I'll take the red & green one!

  2. OMG they are wonderful...I love the star one...I'll bet they just sewed it wrong and left it...moved on to finishing.

  3. Great quilts - thanks for sharing your pictures!

  4. oh yes I am really enjoying seeing them!
    I never tire of seeing antique quilts
    I think they left the blocks in so future generations will always have to wonder , what was she thinking???
    why didn't she fix that!
    I love that she left it that way!
    beautiful quilts once again

  5. Thanks for sharing more of these gorgeous quilts, I love them all.

  6. I,too, love the one with the mismatched blocks. What a nifty thing, to have not remade the blocks. I wonder what I would do in that situation -- no I don't wonder really -- I wouldn't have had the courage to just leave them. Bravo!


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