Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's Hot, Hot, Hot!

The temperature in the Northwest has been amazingly hot. It is summer in Central Oregon- what is unusual is the 100+ degrees we've been reaching day after day and day for several days now. What will happen in my area is weather disturbances. Yesterday afternoon the clouds came in and humidity rose to about 50%. We live in the high desert and humidity is generally none.
Faster then I could snap my fingers the wind started blowing- now, it wasn't just blowing it was roaring! 67MPH according to the weather station located in my town.
What was really bad is in our neighborhood some people think it's farming country and have cows on their 1 acre of ground. Where they have put cows is now dirt- all dirt and cow crap- not even a weed in site. A lot of what you are seeing in the first photo is dirt and cow crap flying through the neighborhood.

The beautiful night sky after the storm. It raged for quite some time. We had a few short power outages and a mess to clean up this morning.
But, this is fairly typical for summer in Central Oregon.

I love the night sky after a storm.


  1. I was glad to read that was the night sky and not fires. The air certainly looks nasty. The weather reports on this side of the mountains say things are perfect for thunder storms with the associated fire danger. Personally, I love thunderstorms but hate to see the destruction they can cause. It's finally beginning to cool off here - we're back in the 90's and nights are sleeping temps again. It's almost quilting weather!

  2. Quite a show we had here last night, huh? Guess we're in for a few more days of it.

  3. I hope you get some cooler weather soon!


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