Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Projects

I'm interrupting the old quilts for a day to show you this little ditty I made for a friend. It was simple and fun to do.
I made plans to attend my nephew's wedding in Ventura, CA mid August and I thought a quilt would be great. I have never made an Irish chain quilt amd figured that owuld be an easy, effective quilt that they would like. Do you know there are many versions of an Irish chain? And I'm not just talking about single, double or triple. I brought out my blue scraps and am now in the process of machine quilting it. We leave on the 14th so that only gives me 10 days to get it done! Yikes! Better get back into my sewing room and off the computer.
More antique quilts tomorrow.


  1. 10 days to finish the quilting and binding...you can do it!

  2. Cute little gift for your friend. Looking forward to seeing the Irish Chain. 100% agreement with Susan -- you'll meet your deadline.

  3. O such a cute little stitchery! Love it :o) Hope you are able to get your project done for the wedding.

  4. what a nice present
    I hope she loves it


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