Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Road Trip to California

The night before we were road tripping to Southern California I thought I better have a little project "just in case" I got to sit and not drive or "just in case" I had a few minutes waiting for the girls at the hotel. I had a pattern for a small needlecase by Sue Spargo that I prepped a bit for. My daughter ended up driving for the extremely boring last few hours of the trip. My niece called "shotgun" so that left me in the back with my stitching. I have to say I didn't get too much done. The background is about 6"x 6" so the pieces were a bit small for me to work on in a moving car. I think it will make a nice Christmas gift when I get it put together.

Not much scenery on this stretch. (Photo taken from back seat of fast moving vehicle)

Have you heard about the fires in California? My car was covered in ash when we left Ventura.

Here is the beautiful mission that the wedding took place in. It had a wonderful courtyard that was perfect for photos.

Here is the view from the reception. It was amazing and so much fun. 1,975 miles later and I have no regrets, although I was the only driver on the way home so I'm still a bit pooped.


  1. I love the California Missions - someday I hope to make a trip out of visiting each one *s*

  2. I have done that road trip a gazillion times to Oregon and back. That long hot stretch in the San Joaquin Valley is indeed pretty tedious. Some of our missions are very pretty indeed.

  3. Hi there--found your blog through Blogging Near Philadelphia and after admiring your pics of all those beautiful vintage quilts, I came across this post. I am a Ventura native and hope to live here all my life (though leave it as often as I can to visit other places!) Nice pics of the Mission, pier, and beach. Hope you had a good time while you were here (my oldest brother and his wife got married in the Mission and we got married at the cross on the hill way above the Mission).

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