Monday, August 31, 2009

Vintage Star Blocks

A friend of mine was clearing out, making room, and decluttering her life. These vintage blocks are what she passed to me! Aren't they wonderful? Yea, they are dirty, and they aren't sewn very well, but the possibilities are wonderful!

One block made with brown. (Is this madder red?)

And look at this one! I love it!
The first step will be to soak in Oxy Clean, then disassemble the blocks, if necessary. The fabrics looks very sturdy but if I need a substitute I have reproductions that I bought to fix this quilt.


  1. Wonderful blocks, after reading Carrie P. blog, looks like they will look great after the oxiclean.
    Your friend shared a real treat with you!

  2. I do swear by it in the big box at Costco. Sweet friend to give you such wonderful blocks!! A treasure for sure.

  3. I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I love looking at all the vintage quilts and all your projects. I am on Row I of DJ so I've admired your Baby Jane. I look forward to see what quilty stuff you have every day.


  4. What wonderful, wonderful blocks...true treasures!

  5. I used to collect vintage quilt blocks but have sold all of them when we downsized. I enjoyed them when I had them but have no regrets about selling them for someone else to enjoy. I used to have a bunch of vintage quilt tops also.

  6. What a nice bundle of blocks. I'm sure you can do something wonderful with them.

  7. I am always in awe of the old blocks and how to go about setting them together. I have brought single blocks before now, and love the inspiration, but I am not brave enough to have a 'quilts worth' and sew them together! Iam sure you will create alovely quilt!

  8. Lori, the vintage star blocks look like the quilt from the movie Lincoln. Remember the quilt on the bed of Thaddeus Stevens? The tan madder block especially, same colors. The blocks were put together in a nine patch with fairly wide sashing. Love your blog and inspiration for making old looking quilts. Judy


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