Friday, August 21, 2009

Would You Like a Little Cheddar With That?

Here are a few more quilts that were for sale at Sisters. It seemed like they had a lot of them this year, which is great for people like me that love looking at old quilts. They are jut wonderful about us taking photos too.

It seems like more and more I am seeing some great reproduction cheddars. Look at these examples to see how they add pizzazz.

That's a lot of cheddar!

What do you think of this?! There were two areas that the maker added just a tiny bit of cheddar. (the other tiny pieces are on the upper left of the photo) What do you suppose she was thinking?
Would you do that? Before seeing this quilt I would probably have said no, but now I might.

PS Off topic: I've been having some blogger problems. Most of the time I download photos ahead of posts. I may not get back to the photos to write anything for several days. When I add to them and hit publish they are going to the original date I downloaded the photos, and not the date I've actually written and finished them. Anybody else having problems? Any suggestions? Anyway, if you some some funky stuff going on here at Humble Quilts that may be why.


  1. I almost bought an antique at Sisters - it had cowboys on it. (I then realized that my son has enough baby quilts.)

  2. I've been having blogger problems, too. The widget that shows my favorite blogs on the sidebar wasn't updating. I had to remove the widget and reinstall and it seems to be working now.

    Love those cheddar quilts! Thanks a lot for sharing the pictures. No matter what date they show up. ;0

  3. I wish cheddar was an easier fabric to find nowadays.

  4. great quilts!
    I love adding cheddar to quilts
    I would have named that second quilt velvetta!
    oh love the quilting on that quilt too.
    The third quilt is interesting, wonder if someone repaired the quilt and added the cheddar?
    maybe the original quiltmaker just wanted to be a bit of a rebel?????
    you have seen some wonderful antique quilts
    thanks for sharing

  5. Love cheddar...not so easy to find though. Yes, I too have experienced really odd things with blogger but they do eventually clear up.

  6. I love the quirkiness of that last quilt. I think those 2 little pieces of cheddar fabric make that quilt unique to the maker. It shows a little bit of character to make that quilt undoubtably "hers" apart from any others who made a quilt using that pattern. It shows a lady with a mind of her own.

  7. I just got kicked out of your comment box, how is that for blog trouble?
    I adore those old quilts you are showing, and the zing of cheddar is fabulous. I have been stockpiling it, so I'm in good shape. I have a little design coming up with some in it and it is so cute. I'll post it soon.

  8. Great quilts! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Lucky one who bought the res and white quilt - its wonderful!

  9. thank you for sharing these quilts. I would die for the cheddar quilt.

  10. I have been using Windows Live Writer to write my blogger posts for over a year now and highly recommend it. I don't have any problems posting now.

    Also, I love cheddar in quilts!


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