Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Machine Quilting- WOW!

I was pleasantly surprised to see many hand quilted quilts, but this post is all machine quilting. Amazing quilting!
You'll probably need to click on the photo to enlarge and get a good look. Enjoy!

I really like the quilting in the floral setting triangles.

Do you notice the background quilting is micro lines? I'm not sure I've seen that before.

The one above and the one below is the same quilt. I was having a hard time with my camera and the lighting.


  1. True artistry! Thanks for sharing these pictures :)

  2. Such soft pretty colors in those first three quilts! And well done quilts.
    Did you see quilts there that were at the Sister's quilt show?

  3. Amazing is truly the word for all of these wonderful quilts.

  4. Now that is alot of quilting and beautiful!

  5. Those are beautiful quilts indeed. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I just found your blog - what a delightful blog!


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