Monday, September 28, 2009

NW Quilt Expo

The quilts were great and I have many photos to share, but I thought I'd start with a few of my favorite booths. Now that fall has arrived my mind was on all things wool.

Reets Rags to Stitches. Be sure to click on photo to enlarge.

Momma Made It , from Longview WA. I've been there maybe 2-3 times. I love the quilts they had displayed, especially the one with squares to the right of the cashier.

Galloping Pony Studio from Moses Lake, WA. I've seen her quilt art online before but they are so much cuter in person!

I couldn't wait to come home and start on a few of these tiny blocks so I can make my own. I also thought they'd make great Christmas gifts without making a whole quilt! These are a little less then 2 ".

Bird Brain Designs. They had the most adorable items made with wool roving using needle felting. I would have loved to buy a sample, but not start another form of crafting with wool.

Do you think fall is here? I didn't actually notice the color of my purchases until after I got home.
One other booth I loved but didn't get a photo of was Wooden Spool Designs.
All in all it was a great day!


  1. Why oh why don't we have lovely quilts shows here in Oklahoma like you all do out West?

    I love your little tiny blocks. How fun to give for presents!

    The fall colored wool is calling my name....

  2. Galloping Pony was at the Buggy Barn quilt show in Reardon, Wa in August...I love her tiny dresdans! I came away with so many ideas...I'm wondering, did you paper piece your tiny squares?

  3. I love Reets Rags to Stitches! She is from Northern CA close to where I'm originally from and I have 2 of her dolls made from her! She used to sell them at a store where my parents lived before they retired and I fell in love with them. They are so quirky and cute. Looks like a fun show!

  4. I'm glad you were able to go, I will enjoy the show through your eyes.
    I think fall colors were definitely what attracted you.
    Did you get to meet Virginia, she is such a nice person, I am always in awe of her and her talent.

  5. We love the same designers, I've done patterns from all of them.

  6. Tiny blocks for sure. Maybe I will be on your Christmas gift list. LOL!

  7. Now if those ladies would just get out of the way I can see these booths! LOL

  8. WOW! Looks like a wonderful show...thanks so much for taking us along...Oh I love those tiny blocks.

  9. What teeny tiny squares, very cute. They'd make great little gifts. I haven't been to a show for ages, I wish we had more.


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