Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Community of Quilts

The quilt show's theme was a "Community of Quilts". The quilts that were a part of this theme were Friendship quilts, Generation quilts- ones that were begun by one family member and finished with another generation and Group quilts.
There was definitely a few quilts at the show that were ho-hum, but it was nice that they had a little story with each quilt, which made each one special and unique in its own way.

Here is another red quilt that I was drawn to by the quilting. It isn't quite a baptist fan but more like swags.

This quilt was made by Emma Wagner Giesy c1850-1860. She was a member of the Aurora Colony.

The quilt hanging to the left is a replica of the original which was a raffle prize given as a promotion for the book, "Aurora, An American Experience in Quilt, Community and Craft" by Jane Kirkpatrick. Lucky lady who won that!

The quilt on the left is also an original colony quilt and the little one on the right was duplicated for the book.

The redwork quilt on the bottom of this photo was made for Margaret Cane. It was well loved and pretty much in tatters. Margaret's daughter made the upper quilt so she could preserve the history of her mom's quilt. I thought the quilt and story were so precious!

I love an Irish Chain. So simple but yet so effective. This quilt was started by one generation and finished by another.

This treadle machine was so tiny I couldn't help but snap a photo!


  1. Wow! So many of their quilts are quite graphic! Really outstanding looking when hung! I'm going to have to read that book. It sounds very interesting.

  2. What absolutely beautiful quilts...I'm loving the red one...the quilting is outstanding. That little machine is just darling.

  3. I wonder how old that little machine is.

    Great "early" and "modern" quilts. It's sort of awesome seeing how traditional quilting still "is".

  4. The quilting design is very interesting. Close to be a Baptist Fan but different. Think I will study it a little closer.
    I see a schoolhouse quilt to the left in a photo. That looks interesting too.

  5. Where do you find all these shows? I'm not complaining, just jealous. Your pictures are all beatiful. Thanks for sharing

  6. My first visit to your blog and it is lovely, will be looking thru some of your past posts. Thanks for sharing these georgeous quilts. Stop by and visit me when you get a change. Michelle

  7. I like that they had the stories to go with the quilts. You can learn so much by studying the hand quilting on these beauties. I loved the Irish Chain too.

  8. Love the Irish Chain! I'd just love to snuggle under that quilt.

  9. I'm enjoying the show! Thanks so much for including bits of history along with the beautiful old quilts.

  10. what a great show of wonderful quilts.. honestly I am happy to see hand quilted quilts. the last quilt show I was at only had one hand quilted..I love the school house one gorgeous Irish chain too..you are so right simple but very effective


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