Monday, November 16, 2009

Pajama Party!

Saturday morning was the PJ sale at the Stitchin' Post. If you were there before 8:30 you received 30% off. Wear your jammies, get an extra 5%. I left my house at 5:30AM to pick up my friend. We are crazy for a sale aren't we?
I snapped one quick photo, trying not to seem like I was taking a picture of one particular person! That was hard.

Hmmmm, this doesn't look like anything I would buy!! I am working on a project and needed a few fun brights. I think I found them!

Here are my "usual" purchases. Lovely reproductions and a few goodies.


  1. Oh fun sale! Jammies and fabric = bliss! :-)

  2. I expected to see lady's in striped
    Nothing like an fun SALE !

  3. What fun! I have done similar things, although I've never done them in pjs! I really like the groupings you put together. I am so enthralled with the quilt pictured in your header. I've studied it quite a bit, and I am still curious as to how it is constructed. I have a couple of ideas, but maybe you could enlighten us?

  4. oooh, that sounds fun!
    Like Jayne, I love the header quilt - good cheddar!

  5. It looks like fun. I like the fabric you picked. Do you have a followers list? I never seem to have it come up. I'd like to join if you have one.

  6. Oh we were close, I can see by your goodies we were in the same department. With all the energy in the shop it could be middle of the day.

  7. Those pj parties are so much fun. Not only do you get to practically roll out of bed and not get dressed, but you score some great things and prices too. I haven't done of those in a while, but they were always so much fun!

  8. LOL, I "HAD" to enlarge the photo to check out the PJs LOL Yes, I'm bad - but bad is such fun.

  9. what fun!!!!
    not sure I would really wear my pj's but I would be there bright and early for a sale!
    oh love the fabrics you bought in the second picture of course!!!!

  10. Quilters will do anything for good prices, what fun though. Interesting fabrics there Lori.


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