Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Christmas

Here is my niece thrilled with the Candy Stix quilt. She was so excited to get home and use it!!

This adorable sock was a gift from Brandie. The chocolate she sent with it is stashed in the sewing room. Thank you so much for your generosity Brandie! The sock is hanging right next to an old Santa suit and they look perfect together.

These two placemats were a gift from my friend Randy. We have used them already and it was wonderful to see all the great reproduction fabric while eating. Can you believe I've never made quilted placemats? Although we use placemats on the table every meal. Thank you again Randy!
Ta-Da! I put the final quilting stitches on the main section of my Jane Stickle quilt last night!!! I hope it doesn't take me another 10 years to quilt the border. I do plan on working on it when I can this winter.


  1. Wow!!! The quilt is amazing. I would love to make it, but don't know if I'm brave enough to start it. I'll have to contemplate this some more.

  2. Oh my gosh, your Jane Stickle. I've got all the fabric for that in my stash and now that I've seen yours I seriously think that I need to do something with it. Yours is remarkable!!

  3. CONGRATS, Lori!!! What an accomplishment. That's another one on my stalled list. I need to dust off the binder and get re-acquainted. Beautiful!

  4. Your niece looks thrilled with the Candy Stix quilt, and rightly so - it's beautiful!

  5. Your quilting looks great! It is such a lovely quilt.

  6. Your niece has a big smile on her face, we can tell she loves it. Cute stocking and congratulations on reaching the border of the JS quilt.

  7. Your niece is gorgeous and that quilt is as well. So vibrant and striking!

    Love your Dear Jane too - take your time and enjoy the process...

    Looks like you've had a lovely Christmas! Hope your New Year is Bright with many Blessings for 2010!

  8. Your niece is so lucky! What a great quilt. I've always intended to make some placemats too but never gotten around to it, either. Maybe this next year....

  9. oh I am so happy for you that your niece loves her new quilt..not that I had any doubt!
    Love those placemats....great fabrics in there too!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Love your Dear Jane quilt! Keep on quilting.

  11. The bright, bold quilt is a perfect choice for a young lady. That's a huge smile of appreciation.

    Congrat's on your DJ progress. I'm feeling the urge to get back to mine. I have 150 center blocks done--the end is in sight.

  12. Your niece is beautiful and her quilt just as pretty! Looks like you had a lovely holiday and some satisfying stitching accomplished. All the more reason to have a Happy New Year:)

  13. Your niece's quilt is beautiful and I love the fringe on the stocking! Happy New Year.

  14. Your niece looks so happy with her beautiful quilt. I loved your Christmas quilts and your post about Denmark. Those little guys must be popular in Norway too; I've seen them on several blogs from Norway.

  15. Ooh, Lori - looks like a big smile on your niece's face. Auntie was so good to her.

    Yes, I'd stash my chocolate too, LOL, otherwise little guys might find it. And, sometimes, they find it anyways.

    I think homemade placemats are great and these are no exception!

    You crack me up, Lori - another 10 years???? Hey - consider this one done and done quick nicely.

    Happy New Year.

  16. What an accomplishment! Congratulations and good for you.


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