Sunday, December 6, 2009

This and That

Before I could really get started machine quilting I needed to finish the Blind Mans Fancy block I started. The one with the green center is the latest one.
The top block is this months BOM by Dawn at Linen Closet Quilts. Depending on how the rest of the quilt goes I may need to redo the eagle in a darker fabric.

My son came home from college to join me and some other Central Oregon Weight Watcher members in running the Jingle Bell 5KRun/Walk for Arthritis. Brrr, it was cold but nothing like today! I use the word "running" lightly, but I did set a goal for myself and beat it by 2 minutes, so I was happy. Oh, and I could still walk the next day!! hahaha


  1. I like the t-shirts from the 5K. Your post made me feel a little guilty because I didn't get to my yoga class today. I told myself it was because I couldn't leave work early, but all I'm doing is looking at quilt blogs.

  2. I do like those blind man fancy blocks. Great colors!

  3. I have not taken time to do the latest applique block. I, too, think I might want to re-do my eagle block. Mine is set a little high on the block. But then, I may just live with it the way it is.

  4. Great blocks, Lori! I haven't started my Linen Closet BOM, but hope to soon.

  5. Beautiful blocks; your fabric combinations are great. The new header is pretty, too. Nice and crisp and Christmasy.

  6. like the new header, great quilt :)
    just my colors!
    oh how sweet he came home to support you.
    your blocks look great together, I would keep going before doing the eagle over .
    oh the bMF blocks are looking so great I have to get back to that soon, soon!

  7. Nice blocks. I think it is interesting that you can work on so many projects at the same time. Glad you were able to get in exercise for a good cause. When it gets cold I have trouble exercising.

  8. Lori - you're an inspiration both in your quilts and in WW.

    Run, Forest (Lori), run.

  9. Hi Lori -
    finally catching up on my blogs. I love your Blind Mans Fancy. I have photos of many different versions of this block and I just love it! Maybe some day.
    How nice to run with your son!

  10. Hi, I was scrolling thought your blog and see you are making Dawn's(Linen Closet Quilts) block of the month.
    I am also, yours looks great.
    Love the blog will come back often.



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