Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gratitudes and An Art Lesson

Donna (no blog) joined in on the quilt a long and this is what she sent as a "little" thank you. I can't imagine what a big thank you would be!!! These are older reproductions from the Lowell Quilt Museum that she generously shared with me. There are two scrap quilts I've been wanting to make and these will be perfect. Thanks again Donna.

Speaking of Cheddar Cheese and Crackers, the teacher at my quilt class last week asked us to bring in some show and tell for our class on Friday. I brought in my doll quilt. Unbeknownst to me the lady who sat across from me is also an appraiser and as soon as she saw the quilt she asked me if it was old!! Now, she was still across the table when she saw it, so it is possible up close she would have been able to see the reproduction fabrics. Regardless, she loved it and it looked old, which is the look I was going for! They ooed and ahhed (or is that ewed and ahed?)and loved the hand quilting. (Karen Dianne, I guess it wasn't that bad!!) I was so glad I thought to bring it.

This is not a very good photo but I won a drawing from Vivian at Quilts and a Mug. Aren't those patterns adorable? Two of them are kits with the cutest fabrics!! I'm a huge fan of Joined at the Hip patterns. They are so much fun and written really well! I just found out they have a blog. Thank you Vivian!!!

Now, onto the art lesson......not for you, but mine!! The first day of class after lunch Tonye (sounds like Tony) asked us to look through magazines, looking beyond the photos and cut shapes to make a house. (the name of the class was House Party) Seriously I don't remember having art as a kid!!! I remember playing in mud puddles with my brother and making an ABC book in kindergarten and nothing else.

I really had no idea what she meant then she showed us a few of the other ones she did for classes. Girls, I was paralyzed!! I couldn't' see past the beautiful glossy photos. I could feel sweat starting on my brow and my heart picking up the pace. She kept saying this is fun, make it fun, have fun, be creative. I wanted to get that "exercise" over so fast and go back to applique!! It finally seemed to click what she wanted and I started seeing beyond the glossy photo, to see what something could be. I was a happy camper when I added my house to the wall. After I came home that night I thought about that darn house and how I must miss so much because I can't see beyond the obvious.
So, do you want to know which paper house is mine? The center bottom with the colored siding and a yellow background.


  1. I love your house - it's the only one with a dog!

  2. i agree, your house is fabulous~!!~
    i like the playing cards roof and immediately thought of those houses of cards that my brother and i attempted to build when we were young . . .


  3. Your house looks great. The class sounds very interesting. What a fantastic story about your doll quilt and I am interested to see what you make of all those lovely fabrics.

  4. What absolute fun to have one of your own creations mistaken for an antique quilt!

  5. Your house has got a folk art feel to it. How about making it into a wool quilt!!!!!:-)
    Love those repro fabrics and what a compliment from the appraiser.

  6. What a compliment from the quilt appraiser on your doll quilt! I love the Cheddar Cheese and Crackers quilt and it's a must make for me soon. Hope you will still keep the instruction on for a bit longer. Thanks for leaving a comment on my post at Wool Crazy Sew Along - Hugs

  7. your quilt is amazing I am not surprised she said that!
    it does look OLD!
    oh lucky you ....thats that blue fabric
    what a wonderful line
    I am very jealous here....
    what a very nice thing of Donna to do.

  8. YIPPEE! I think that's the ultimate looked old!

  9. ...oh and look how sweet your window is! I love that. It's adorable, not at all like we were thinking on that that quilting. Who started that anyway? I'm such a tacky reader - could have been me! Let's not let everyone know what a tacky person I can be, ok? It's taking the shine off my dented reputation.

  10. very nice fabric and love your house! HAPPY SEWING!

  11. It's a beautiful house, Lori! I love the siding. And what a compliment on your doll quilt!!! I wish I could see it in person. Gwendie

  12. What a compliment when someone thinks a repro quilt is old. Mission accomplished!

  13. What a great story about the little quilt. It DOES look antique.

    Love the houses. Yours is especially cute. I've been close to paralyzed by instructions at a class or two but got through it somehow. It was enough fear to keep me away from any classes that lean towards artsy. It's just not me, but you did fine!

  14. Nice compliment on the dolly quilt and great patterns.
    I loved your paper house, especially the playing card roof and the black moon.
    It sounds like it was very fun

  15. I had a class with Jane Sassaman a few years back and it was way over my head...I truly admire her but she had us doing these original drawings and etc for hours and then poof we had to start in on a quilt...well my transition was not so good...I looked around me and everyone was busily figuring out their designs...I left that day and my husband said what is wrong with you? I need a glass of wine now...was my response. Sometimes it is just better to admire and move on...Ha!!


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