Monday, December 6, 2010

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

I committed to making another quilt for AAQI before the end of the year. Here is my final 2010 quilt. It's called the Hobbit House and the pattern is from a class I took with Tonye Belinda Phillips last winter.

Did you know that AAQI raised $54,000+  at the Houston festival?! It's amazing and wonderful!!

What is also wonderful is that they were able to donate $140,000 to Alzheimer's research in 2010! Pretty darn good for a grass roots effort!!

This is from Ami's blog:

"Our treasurer Debbie Chenail wrote checks for three of those studies on the same day. I signed them, with very moist eyes. We had two volunteers here getting the 1,000 quilts ready for Houston and before the checks went into the mail (in priority mailers, of course) the four of us each held a corner of the envelopes and we wished them Godspeed.
For us, and for most of those involved with the AAQI, this is personal. We know someone with the disease and we know how horrid Alzheimer’s is. And we want so badly to find a cure.
The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative isn’t like other charities. We are all volunteers, we account publicly for every penny that we spend, and we hold impromptu ceremonies before we mail checks because we know what it feels like to lose someone we love one memory at time. And we know what it feels like to make a quilt and pray with each stitch that our work will help win the fight.
Isn’t that the kind of charity you want to support?"

I say YES!! For all of you involved with AAQI- those who have made a quilt or quilts, those who have purchased a quilt or quilts. Thank you!!!
Another quote from Ami's blog-
"If you think you’re too small to be effective, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito.”


  1. I love your Hobbit House quilt! It is such a wonderful cause! Thanks for sharing from Ami's blog.

  2. Very cute! I did send in a little quilt - nothing fancy at all.

  3. Ami's words bought a lump to my throat. I pray to God their is a cure for this terrible disease one day. Meanwhile it is a very big thank you to people like you Lori who take the trouble to make and donate a quilt. This has to be one thing I do in 2011. I hope your one raises many dollars.

  4. That is a wonderful piece and a wonderful cause.
    I like the idea of mini quilts for auction, something most people can do to bring in more money.


  5. The quilt is wonderful and should get big bucks at an auction. Ami's quote at the end is so so true! I'm really glad the AAQI is doing so much good.

  6. I like the quote about the mosquito. So funny!

  7. great little quilt Lori!
    and a wonderful cause of course!
    The amount raised in so impressive - go quilters!

  8. I really love the house on this quilt! Thank you for contributing for this cause, this is very important indeed!

  9. Good for you Lori - and congratulations to AAQI. An extraordinary feat accomplished for a great cause.

  10. Great organization! Great donation! My hat is off to Ami.

  11. Adorable quilt block...your cause and donation admirable!

  12. What a great quilt, Lori, and for such a good cause.

  13. Your quilt is cute and special, and it'll garner many bids, I'm sure. The dedication to this drive and fund raising from so many is heartwarming.

  14. I love your little quilt and what a superb effort by all involved. It was quite moving to read.

  15. I LOVE that little quilt--so cute. Might hafta check out Ami's site and see if I can spot it!

  16. I love the quilt, it is adorable! I have family members that have Alzheimers and it is so sad to see. I pray one day that it can be reversed or at least treated someday. Thanks to people like you maybe with enough funds it will be.

  17. So cute - I just love your free form quilts!

  18. Delightfully, charming quilt. Like a proud mom, Tonye Belinda would smile with great approval. Bless you for your contribution to AAQI. It tempts me to return to quilting to lend support. (Donʻt tell anyone) Nyima.

    [Mosquito quote is attributed to His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama.]

  19. Oh that is adorable!
    I made two quilts that sold and I have to say when you meet Ami and see all she has done and continues to do for Alzheimer's research....well you'll be moved to make something special to donate too.
    Her show with the designer made quilts for Alzheimer's is really a treasure worth seeing.

    so how is RRBC clue # 3 coming along?
    I'm making two and starting on my second 60 strings......."just keep sewing"

    Happy sewing

  20. I always get inspired when I come over for a visit Lori!!!

  21. That little house is so delightful and I would love to make a little person to live in inspired me today! Love your color sense and whimsy too


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