Thursday, December 9, 2010

Look at this gorgeous piece of fabric! Lisa from Stray Threads sent that to me after I commented on my blog that I wish I had a larger piece. Oh my! How will I ever cut into it?

Another blog reader, Cyndi from Maine found some of the red in her shop and there was no way I could pass it up. I'd like to keep both of these pieces fairly big as they will lose their impact if it's cut too small. Any ideas for me? I'm thinking maybe pillows or ???

I won this from Linda at The Quilted Pineapple. My first Schnibble pattern! It's even packaged like a mini!! The Wild Rose fabric by Moda is wonderful!! Thank you Linda!

I'm still plugging away on the mystery quilt of Bonnie's. I only have 30 string blocks done. According to my calculations it takes me 1 hour to do 5 blocks! That seems like a long time but it's 12 minutes a block so I guess that sounds right. My sewing room is a mess with strips and bits all over the place!!

After seeing a bit of inspiration online I've finally got the house decorated. It won't be complete until we get our tree, which will be soon, I hope.

Ami Simms emailed me after seeing my last blog post. She is the special guest on The Quilt Show highlighting AAQI. It's free so check it out! You can see the trailer at THIS LINK.


  1. Oh my gosh, that fabric looks like a work of art! I would have a difficult time cutting into it too! Pillows would look so good with that fabric. I'm glad you have your first Schnibbles! You're gonna be hooked now! Enjoy! And you are very welcome!

  2. Wow that fabric is great and yes it would be a same to cut into it.
    I've never done a Schnibbles, guess I should look into them before long.
    The Moda fabric for yours is lovely.

  3. I know you will put all of that gorgeous fabric to good use! 12 minutes per string block sounds pretty good to me - I look forward to seeing yours :0)

  4. There was a link on Kathie's blog to a fussy cut block that is beautiful. Check it out. Maybe something for your fabric.

  5. Wonderful fabric and it is nice that others can help out.


  6. Making string blocks is very messy work! They are fun, though, and it's amazing how good they look when finished! You also had a lucky time with the fabric you got & giveaway you won!

  7. Wow, that is one gorgeous piece of fabric.

    Your first Schnibbles pattern - you're going to be hooked! LOL

  8. Meant to say that I love the new header- That is a wonderful quilt.
    I would find it difficult to cut into that fabric too- My answer would be to make a Medallion Quilt- Marcie at Patchalot has a great pattern.

  9. I'm with you on the string piecing, Lori!! I've got ten blocks done, and I can get 5 or 6 per hour. It's stretching me :-D -- I'm not a random stringy kinda girl! LOL But I'm determined! Can't wait to see what Bonnie's up to! :-D Great fabrics!
    Mary Lou

  10. Wonderful fabric.
    Congrats on the Schnibbles win.
    I haveto get going on some decorations here too.

  11. If you're a pillow person, that would certainly be a logical way to keep that gorgeous fabric intact.
    Otherwise, using a large piece as the center and turning it into a medallion Q would be the way I'd go.
    And maybe using trimmed leftover pieces for some Broderie perse work?

    I keep going back to the photos, getting lost in the details of the rich design. That's the sort of fabric that I just canNOT put a rotary blade on without a nervous stomach. I have such trouble making a first cut.

  12. Good Luck finding a use for that fabric! I have a couple of piece that I also want to keep as large as possible, and yet there they set on my shelf.
    Lucky girl to win Linda's gift! Have fun with it, and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  13. Wow, pretty stunning designed fabric. Definitely hard to cut into, I agree! Congrats on your win.

    I'm not looking forward to the string block part of the mystery...Mine will probably take two hours for five blocks--I'm slow!

  14. I thought the top picture was actually leaves with frost. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  15. Oh, thats some gorgeous fabric! Lucky you :o)
    Congrat on you win. Tha Schnibble pattern is hours of fun.

  16. if your ever looking for older fabric email Cyndi she has saved me more than once!
    I love that fabric oh I could see it as a little quilt hanging on a wall!!!!

  17. Beautiful fabric, Lori! I wouldn't want to cut them up, either. God idea to keep the pieces large. How about a wholecloth doll quilt with hand quilting following the design? Broderie perse is also an idea I like.

  18. Maybe you could use the center for a medallion quilt? It really is beautiful.

  19. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous but I would be cutting it up. I think with the right fabrics it would make outstanding blocks! I like your string blocks, can hardly wait to see this quilt all done....

  20. I have a pattern book called "Just Can't Cut It".
    Great for that fabulous fabric.
    Could you share the name or maker of thae fabric???? Please! I want some too!
    XOXOX Subee

  21. I have no ingenious suggestions for your gorgeous piece of uncuttable fabric. But I'll be checking back to see what you decide to do with it. Keep it draped over the couch for a few days just to look at it. :)

    Love your pile of string blocks. I keep thinking I should dig all the long skinnies out of my scrap bins and make some string blocks. If I worked on a block or two now and then, eventually I'd have enough for a top. I really like the neutral colors in yours.

  22. what a great fabric. Jill shared some with me. Love it.
    good winnings!

  23. that would be stunning in a one block wonder.

  24. Hi Lori! Well that is an awesome piece of cloth! I agree with Vivian, a medallion would be amazing. Maybe cut off Three inches all the way around or however it works to make the center look balanced and use those precious pieces to incorporate into the borders. Happy New Year!


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