Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bible Block & Dye Lots

I love this block. I can almost hear Moses yelling at the people, "What have you been doing down here?!" Throwing his hands up in frustration.
On another note.......

I had a small piece of this fabric and found out it was an older Jo Morton print. I wanted to use it in the Blind Man's Fancy quilt border. Because it was older I wasn't going to pursue it too hardily.
With a few clicks of the mouse I found plenty of it at the Fabric Shack.

The only problem was this is what came in the mail. I'm positive I didn't put yellow in the shopping cart, but because it is such a terrific print I am keeping it. When I went back online to the Fabric Shack they only showed 1/2 yard of the color I wanted.
With a few more clicks of the mouse I found it at Debbie's Quilt Shop. It arrived in lightning speed!!

 And this is what I got- perfect......

Who knew two dye lots could be so completely different!?  As you can see the newer one is definitely more red then the piece I had. Aargh!!

I'll make as many flying geese as I can and hope I can make them all out of the new piece. The two pinks will be the other part of the flying geese.

I have 4 more blocks to make on the red and white, then I'm back to this border...I  must stay focused, I must stay and white, red and white......


  1. Great Bible Block!
    If I had any of that fabric, I would send it your away. Unfortunately, I don't see anything like it in my stash. Good Luck!

  2. Great Moses block - I see what you mean - his body language is LOUD!

    Pity about the different colours of a great fabric but I can't help feeling that quilters of a previous era would have been happy to mix all of it in...! Sorry if that's not helping

  3. Wow!! Maybe someone will see it on the blog and help you out if they have some of what you "really want" in their stashes!! That's crazy!


  4. I ran into a dye lot problem buying sashing for my Hobo Quilt. Both pieces wrapped on the same bolt, but they're slightly different shades of brown. I'm thinking I'll use one for the sashing and one for the inner border and hope it's not too noticable.

    Yours are REALLY different!

  5. Your sweet Bible blocks continue. I enjoy seeing how each story is told in a few words and a few figures.

    Dye lots can make a person scream with frustration. No luck finding any red Jo Morton in my stash that matched what you need.

  6. I'm waiting patiently to see your red and whie quilt all done and on your bed........ :)

  7. I can hear him saying it too :0) The figure in all it's simplicity is very expressive.
    Wow - as for the Jo Morton print - its a completely different color even!
    Go red and white go!

  8. Is the one you are looking for brown? I have a fat quarter of the brown Pattern #3293 - I can't tell from your pics - one looks brown and the other red?

  9. The internet sure is a wondrous thing when it comes to tracking down fabric. Glad you ended up liking the yellow one even though it wasn't what you ordered. I checked my stash and don't have the one you wanted or I would have been glad to help you out.

  10. I may be able to help you out. I have a piece that looks like what I am seeing of your darker piece. Mine has sort of a rusty look with either black or a dark brown. A Jo Morton and appears to be half a yard.

  11. Very interesting on those dye lots.
    And your bible block is very cute!

  12. Wow, that is a big difference in dye lots. The mistaken yellow/green is a classic Jo Morton, I still have a bit of it and it manages to get into my appliques here and there. Bible Block is cute. Now stop blogging and get back to that red and white quilt!
    Happy Stitching,

  13. Those dye lot differences are huge!!
    Sorry, no Jo Morton fabric here.

    Good luck with finishing the red and white. It will be an amazing quilt!!

  14. Darn! I just knew I had some of that Jo Morton fabric and was all set to send it your way...then I went to my Jo's and it's all gone. I think I remember now cutting the rest of it into pieces for my Bear Tracks. Sorry. Love the Bible block!

  15. Lori! Debbie's Quilt Shop is 20 minutes from my house! I should go rummage around in the fat never know! How much did you need?? I had this same thing happen with a old Kaffe peony. I kept getting gray when I wanted putty. It was pretty anyway so I kept it but I was obsessed! Finally I found it...have I actually used it? Nope! But my desire is fulfilled! Let me know....any excuse to go up to Debbie's! xo Pam

  16. On line shopping, a quilters best friend. I really want to support our quilt shops but when you can find exactly what you want without leaving the house, it is hard to resist.

  17. At least it's a great print, but yeah, that frustrating when the colors are so different.
    I chuckled when I read your thought on the bible block. Too funny!

  18. What a huge difference! But I know you'll make it work and it'll be beautiful.

  19. Cute Bible block as usual.
    Those dye lots are way off. That is so frustrating.Sounds like some of your blogging friends might have a bit to add to your bit.
    Happy sewing.

  20. Love your bible block. And you are right, I'm sure Moses was wondering what everyone had been doing. I've run into the same problem with dye lots. I hate when that happens. Just mix them up. It will look like you did it on purpose. Hugs

  21. I love the bible block and the new fabric looks wonderful, I just hope you have enough.

  22. I think you could use both of them as if they were the same fabric.

  23. Hey Lori,
    There was a brown colorway!
    In Meg's Bouquet, there was the bright green, strong yellow and the madder red colors.
    Necessities (older group) had a dirty gold, a blue, a double pink, green with gold and the brown!
    Do you want some of the brown? I have a 1/2 yard I can send you. Let me know!
    Now you know it wasn't a dye lot issue, just identifying it was the issue. Hope this is helpful.

  24. What a cute commentary on the Bible Block, Lori. :> Hoping your fabric is all worked out for the geese by now. I'm so completely wondering how I missed this post. It looks like there was an entire day of blog posts I just blew by...


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