Friday, July 15, 2011


It is always hard to choose a favorite from the show since there are so many wonderful quilts.

This one is done by Tonye Belinda Phillips and totally made me crack up!! She followed the swirls on the border with her quilting and it looked fantastic.

Here's another one of Tonye's with lots of tiny baskets.
Sue Spargo's work is lovely as usual. Tonye and Sue are collaborating! Can you imagine?!

I've always admired Mary Lou Weidman style quilts.

Great use of fabric. I love the bottom border.
Here is Randy with her "Everything" quilt. As I am scrounging through my scraps and bins I am holding out any little misc blocks and pieces so I can make one like this. I think it turned out fantastic!!  This quilt did not sell at the show so if anybody is interested contact her or I can put you in touch with her.

P.S. I passed 500 followers and plan on having a giveaway soon!! Be on the lookout.

Enjoy the weekend!!


  1. wonderful happy choices for this morning's 'show'~!!~
    love that first (chicken) quilt. those nobby knees ~!~

    congrats on the followers milestone. you have a really fabulous blog.


  2. These are wonderful quilts, Lori! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!

  3. Thanks for sharing more photos of quilts. I love the chicken quilt. It is too cute. Randys quilt is wonderful.

    Congrats on your milestone. Look forward to the giveaway. Hugs

  4. Great quilts....I love Sue Spargo's quilt with the dashed lines, and I think how different it would have looked if she had just used a plain solid's fabulous!

    Congrats on your 500! Love your blog!

  5. I want to make that little basket quilt. I have a picture of that one too.

  6. Such a colorful post! For the last year, I have been putting leftover hst, goofy blocks and orphan blocks in a bag in hopes of making a mishmash "free" quilt from them. I like the name everything quilt! Mine won't be as nice as Randy's but it will be

  7. Yes, hard to pick a favorite. I really enjoyed every one of them. Each different and each beautiful!!

  8. That bird quilt is just too cute and the swirls are fabulous. All of the quilts are wonderful.

    Congratulations on reaching 500!

  9. Morning Lori! Oh those are some true beauties. LOVE Randy's quilt. I need to get going on my scraps. I think they are the absolute best! And Congratulations on the Bloggy 500!!

  10. The first quilt made me laugh out loud--looks like a tipsy peacock!
    Randy's quilt is very fun! I made a top like that many years ago with leftover bits from quilts my Mom, myself and my daughter had made. Still not quilted.
    Congrats on the 500 followers! I am closing in on 50 and was considering a give away for that meager milestone--you gotta start somewhere. : )

  11. What beautiful quilts - such fun! Looks like you had a blast. I might be on overload for a few days after, but in a good way! Thanks for sharing!

  12. What great quilts - the first was a hoot! I'm in awe of all those tiny baskets - Wow!

  13. I giggled at that turkey, that's hilarious! Those are some beauties.

  14. HA! The chicken with the googly eyes and knobby knees is my favorite! But I really like the moon-fill-my-empty-purse one too.

  15. Love the quilts, seem to be drawn to fun quilts lately.


  16. Lori thanking for sharing such great quilts. I so love Sue Spargo and I have a pattern from Tonye that I am just dying to start. How does MaryLou quilt her quilts?

  17. Those are some wonderful quilts. Some of them I didn't see. We're leaving OR today and I'm looking forward to coming to the Sisters quilt show again sometime in the future!

  18. Some funny quilts there!
    Love that last one, what Gwen Marston calls Random Samplers. I have stacks of lonesome blocks just itching to be included in something like that!

  19. HI Lori!! I am so glad you had a great time...wonderful pictures...and I am going to get up there someday and meet you in person!!

  20. Thanks for sharing all the fun quilts. Not a traditional one in the bunch. Tonye is a wonderfully talented lady. The unique setting and fabrics of her basket quilt make that one a favorite of mine.
    Randy's random sampler is one of a kind. Love it.

  21. Wonderful quilts. Good thing that I do not have to pick a favorite so I can love them all. Those tiny baskets really speak to me. ( Not literally just incase you were worried LOL).
    Thanks for sharing all the great photos.

  22. Thanks for the great quilt show! Loved the quilts!

  23. More wonderful quilts, I love the one with the xmas tree. Thanks for sharing with us.

  24. The eyes on the turkey make it look like it has been sipping Jack Daniels.

  25. great show and sharing today!! thanks for all the wonderful photos.

  26. I would have loved to be at that show. A second best is to look at bloggers photos that was there.
    I have been following your blog for awhile. I find alot of inspiration from your photos.
    Thank you for your comment on my projects.


  27. I would love to go to Sisters, it looks like a wonderful place.
    Thank you for sharing all the great pictures.



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