Friday, August 3, 2012

No Focus

I am not able to stay focused on one thing lately.
Took a little intermission and made this little log cabin mini. I was the recipient of Carol's cleaning of the sewing room and this was a complete kit! (along with some other beauties!) I am going to add a red border and put it in the "to quilt" stack! Thanks again Carol!!
Two more blocks to add to my birthday quilt. The top is complete! Just need to trim it and get some backing together. Thank you Nancy and Mary!
Look what I won! Lovely gorgeous fabric from Doniene! How did you know I was running low? lol Thank you Doniene!
Seriously, this is next on my list! Please harass me about it, OK? It's been sitting next to my sewing machine gathering threads and it's time to get busy and continue machine quilting it.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Focus....mmmm.... not focusing must be a summer thing... that's my story anyway.. wink!

  2. Your red and white quilt is lovely! Definitely time to quilt it.

    As for focusing, ha. I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere looking at fabric, thinking of new projects, struggling with older projects. Obviously, I'm not a good role model!

  3. I love the log cabin mini! And your R@W is fabulous! It definitely should be next! As for focus.....yeah....none here, either! Must be an August thing! lol

  4. So much fun and beautiful quilts and so little time!

  5. I have been hopping from one project to another for years! Focus...what is that? Great log cabin quilt!

  6. Hello Lori,
    Well let me say this I love the
    "Log-Cabin" mini quilt...
    I love log-cabins & you did a beautiful job! :)
    What size strips are they?
    Also...thats the quilt my sister is crazy about the one you'd like a lil-harassing on! Ha!
    All I hear from her is a "plain red/white quilt"...hum so is this one you made or where is the pattern from? It's lovely!
    Have a wonderful day & it's been nice to visit & I will come back you have a lovely blog!
    Lori :)
    P.S Now get on to that quilt next to your

  7. It is hard to focus on any one thing, there is so much on the internet and great post from other bloggers that I find myself doing the same thing. I can remember when I worked on one project from cutting to last binding stitch-------those days are long gone. Love your little log cabin mini, great fabrics.

  8. It must be the time of the year, I'm feeling the same way. For me, it's the 'getting started' hurdle, and then I remember why I loved working on the project and can make some headway...for a while....then I'm off to something else!

  9. love the little log cabin scrappy!

  10. Love all your projects, lucky us you aren't focused today and shared ;-)
    Yummy fabrics too! That red and white is oh so close to a finish - looking forward to seeing it all quilted.

  11. I've seen that red/white quilt before....Don't you have it put together already? I thought you did. And your little log cabin mini is adorable. Perfect for just a little something to do!!

  12. Focus is one of my major problems lately, but I do get some things done, lol.
    You are always busy and make so many beautiful things.


  13. I'll do my best to harass you. How about now, Have you started it yet?

  14. you can't beat a log cabin to make you smile. I have scrappy one underway from raiding my scrap bag so you have reminded me to get back to it. and as for the red and white- i am so jealous. its stunning

  15. That is such a cute little log cabin! Love it!
    And you made a nice haul in your winnings.
    About that red/white quilt--basting would be the big hang-up for me. I am currently in the final few feet of basting a queen-size quilt. The end is in sight! : )
    Good luck with yours.

  16. Who wants to make just one project at a time anyway?? lol! I love the little log cabin quilt - red will make the perfect border. I look forward too seeing how you quilt the red and white - you'll get to it.

  17. Leave it to you to come up with such clever 'wickedness'! Love these, Lori. Keep thinking of new ideas to turn into these lovely quilt.

  18. Jumping from one project to another is my favorite way to stay energized. Too much time on any single project burns me out. Looking forward to seeing your birthday quilt, and we all know you'll get to that red and white lovely before long.

  19. Love your red/white quilt, this is going to quilt up beautifully, can't wait to see it completed LOL! (is that enough of a push LOL!!!)
    The giveaway goodies too are gorgeous, and of course those logcabins, I have a small one too, that I really should get quilted up, hmmmm, now you have given me a push!!!!

  20. Love your log cabin blocks! I too have a hard time staying with one thing...there are so many projects in my head, far more than I have the time for.

  21. I don't think I've ever done one project at a time. With multiple projects, unfocused is " normal"!

  22. Love the blues and browns in your mini log cabin. I have similar fabrics set aside for a similar quilt.
    Yes, please get to the red and white, but I must say you've been getting a lot done otherwise. More pretty blocks for your birthday quilt. Do you have enough blocks now?
    That Doniene is so generous!

  23. creative = unfocused can't be helped
    sometimes you just have to start a new project when the inspiration is there...even if you alreay have a pile of others! (at least that is my story and I'm sticking with it)

  24. Love the little log cabin. I'd like the strip size, too, if you'd share. I don't know how you find time to sew with all your summertime activities. Ah yes, red & white. Such a classic. You must get it done!

  25. As long as what you're doing is fun and your distraction paid off with the mini. Oh please start quilting the red and white, I love it.

  26. I totally understand on the focus situation :) yep!
    love the red and white chain quilt, its a beauty....nice log cabin blocks too...
    I have one of those started :)

  27. The red and white quilt has some nice areas for an interesting quilt design. So many of my quilts have no room for a fancy bit of quilting.

  28. Too many fun Quilts who has time to FOCUS? One step at a time, they say. Glad my Block got there. You are so welcome!


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