Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Little Porch Time Quilt

It was probably a little ambitious to think I could get half of my border done in the month of December, but I did make progress!
Here are my pieces and parts prepped and waiting to be appliqued. For some reason one of my butterflies has two different yellow wings....
Here is one corner of my quilt. I got the inner dark border applied and the outer green AND I got the vine appliqued on two sides. Hmm, maybe I made more progress than I thought.
My plan is to stay focused on this until it is done! The month of January, for sure!!

I couldn't resist one more Christmas photo.  My mom was sick on Christmas day so we had her over on the 27th to open her gifts. It was just 5 of us and really was so much better for her. I had my brother snap a photo of Cory & I in front of our tree as I had forgotten to on Christmas day. I like this photo so much as it was so relaxed and casual.
See the snowflake cut outs on the window? I won those from Tim. (there were more on my kitchen window) He is so talented! Click on his name to check out his blog.

All right Porch Quilt ladies. Share what you have , even if it is pieces.


  1. I am planning to start 2013 with a Little Porch Time post. Happy, happy new year my friend.

  2. What a nice photo of a handsome couple.
    Hope it was a pleasant day with Mom.
    Lucky you with the snowflakes--he does gorgeous work!
    Happy New Year to you, Lori!

  3. Great DO look relaxed! Nice! LOVE the quilt's so beautiful! And I saw those snowflakes and just knew they were Tim's! Gorgeous! Have a safe and happy New Years, Lori!

  4. Great Picture Lori!
    and so glad to see you were able to use the snowflakes
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  5. Happy new Year, Lori. Wishing you and your family the very best for 2013. Love the fact that the butterfly has two different wings...perfectly whimsy.

  6. I was extremely jealous that you won those snowflakes - they are amazing! Love the pic of you too - definitely a keeper. And way to go on your quilt - it is awesome.

  7. THis is a fab photo of you two. Thanks for sharing! Love the quilt in the background. What pencil do you use for marking your applique?

  8. Sweet picture :0) and I do love the two colors on the butterfly wings, it adds so much more interest to this already lovely quilt top.
    You are moving right along.
    And I, of course, am wasting time blog surfing when I should be
    up stairs packing my sewing studio up for moving!

    Happy Sewing and Happy 2013

  9. That's a great picture of you. Staying focused is a very good idea - I look forward to seeing more of your border. Happy 2013!!

  10. Great progress! It totally makes me want to get off the computer and get to work on something! Happy New Year!

  11. This is a lovely family post..all warm and fuzzy. Happy New Year

  12. What pretty shares ... the picture of you and Cory in front of the tree is a great one!! :)

  13. Lovely photo of you and Cory. Happy New Year to you and your family and thanks for all the posts!
    Every Stitch

  14. Great picture of you two. Those relaxed causual photos are always the best.
    Happy New Year.

  15. Casual photos are the best. The smiles are genuine, and they show who we truly are. Great picture of you and Cory.
    I'm ending 2012 by quilting a little UFO that I thought was already done. My favorite quilt-along so far (following your lead) was Midnight Stars. I won't be done before midnight, but I'll start 2013 with a finish and a big smile on my face.
    Thanks for all the inspiration and blogger friendship through the year.

  16. Sorry you Mom wasn't well but glad you got to celebrate later. The picture of you and your son in front of the tree is so sweet. I'm sure Corey would not like to know we think he is "sweet." Sorry Corey.

  17. Heel veel GELUK in 2013 from The Netherlands!!

  18. Happy New Year Lori!

    A great photo of you and Cory.:)

    Glad your Mum was well enough to visit on the 27th.

  19. Darling picture of the two of you, Lori!

  20. Love the picture in front of the tree, Lori! You both look relaxed and happy!!

  21. I hadn't relised that you won the snow flakes from Tim. Wow he is talented I can't beleive what he achieves.
    Loving that photo of the two of you.

  22. That is an awesome photo. Thanks for sharing. All my best wishes for a wonderful 2013.
    gabe in Sydney

  23. great photo - love your tree.
    Those snowflakes are incredible!


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