Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Musings

 Here is a little quilt I made for AAQI. I'll get the binding added this weekend. I used the hidden star patter and am calling it Hide & Seek. If you've been reading my blog for anytime at all, or you have a loved one with Alzheimer's you'll understand the title. I like that at first glance you don't see the star, but have to search for it within the pattern.
 I haven't been doing too much sewing but getting a little prep done for the applique of a Little Porch Time. How are you all doing on yours? Half way on the border?
 One Christmas tradition we have is making  Danish Aebleskiver Christmas morning. I like to think we are paying homage to my Danish ancestors.
 My brother home from China for a visit. My mom continues to look forward to seeing him. She doesn't remember where he is living but so far she remembers him. They have the main room in the assisted living home all decked out with Christmas decor.
 All the cousins (and me) went for a walk Christmas day. I LOVE this picture!! My niece and nephews lived with us for about 5 years so I feel like they are partially mine. I'm glad they are close with my two kids.
 Santa's reindeer?

 Sven thought it was a good time to celebrate Christmas while I'm 50. We opened the 50 year old vintage wine my sister had got me for my birthday. Yep, 1962 was a good year for wine in France!
A few of you asked to see my tote that I had in the photo in front of the outdoor Christmas tree. I got this bag at the Smithsonian Institute probably 15 years ago. It is still one of my favorites.

Have a fantastic weekend. My last post of the year will be the Porch Quilt so be ready next week.


  1. Good morning Lori.
    I love your Hidden Star block. Yes, it took me a second look to find the star. Your dinner table was beautiful and the "reindeer", how Christmasy. I hope everyone has a wonderful visit with your Mom.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Hi Lori,
    Me again, sorry to bother you but what is the quilt pattern behind your candle/nativity scene on your last post?
    As always I look forward to your next post.

    1. Janet there is no email in your profile so I hope you check back to get this answer.
      The quilt is Primitive Primer by Jan Patek and Sue Spargo. An oldie but goodies for sure!

    2. Thank you. I guess I need to email you so I can learn to have my email shown to you.

    3. Here ya go Janet:
      1.Go to Dashboard
      2.Go to Edit Profile
      3.Look in Privacy section
      4.Check the box that says "show my email address"
      5.Go to Identity section, and enter an email address
      6.Click Save Profile

      Feel free to leave another comment as a test.

  3. I love everything about your little quilt ~ the block design, the colors, the fabric patterns! Looks like you enjoyed a lovely, memorable Christmas.

  4. I had to look twice to find the star - fabulous idea for the AAQI!

    We love the aebleskivers with raspberry jam. Yum!!!

    How nice to have your brother home for Christmas. It looks like you all had a wonderful time together. I hope you enjoy a blessed new year.

  5. You post was filled with the richness of family...but what did I focus on...the aebleskivers. I actually have an old cast iron aeleskiver pan and when I was going to the University of Santa Barbara I would always stop on my way home in Solvang to have them...fond memories. Sounds like your holiday was wonderful. Interesting that I have family that also lives in China!

  6. Beautiful post! And yes, 1962 was a very good year :)


  7. I enjoyed seeing your family and hearing about your christmas celebrations.


  8. How often does your brother get home from China?
    You had a houseful when you were "Mom" to the niece and nephews, too.
    We have an aebleskiver pan (DH is of Danish descent, too), but I have never attempted them. Maybe I need to break it out New Years morning.
    Love the little AAQI quilt. Yours always have a meaning and I like that.

  9. Love the little quilt and the birdies. I am going to cut my birds out today too. And I should do something about the AAQI idea that has been rattling around in my head.

  10. 62 was a great year, our first child was born in March of that year. Love your table setting. Uh--I don't have a picture of your tote on my computer.

  11. Haha! Love the pictures of the family -- so fun! We had a visit from some of Santa's helpers on Christmas day, too! It's funny -- we rarely see the big bucks up near the RV, but that day we say an 8- and a 6- pointer; big ol' fellows! :)

  12. Glad you had such good family time this Christmas! Great time to enjoy your special bottle, whats for New Year's?

  13. My daughter Kristy and I love your "Hide and Seek" quilt. That pink flowered Jo Morton fabric of the star is her absolute favorite fabric in my stash - we use it sparingly!! I like the way you've quilted it with radiating circles. Sounds like you made some good Christmas memories together with family :0)

  14. I love seeing the picture of your mum. Glad she still knows your brother- It dosen't matter where he lives it could be the moon for all she knows. Just that you all love her is the important thing.
    Honestly that Sven he knows a good thing when he see it.
    Continue to enjoy your family over the holidays.

  15. Love the thought of eating aebleskivers in the morning, and yours look very yummy :-)
    In Denmark we have them for desert or as a cake.
    Happy New Year from overseas.

  16. Happy New Year to you Lori, your brave to open the 50 year old wine, looks like Sven enjoy a little also. Hugs

  17. Oh, another beautiful quilt you are donating!
    Happy New Year to you, Lori :)

  18. Beaytiful little quilt. Beautiful family. Happy New Year.

  19. I am not a wine drinker but 50 year old wine sounds expensive. Glad it tasted good.
    My SIL did most of the care taking for my MIL as she lost her memory. My MIL would remember someone who didn't come to visit often (for a while) but not her daughter who was right there with her every day.

  20. Hi Lori, Merry Christmas! I love your Hidden Star small quilt, the colors are so different & inspiring. It d make a great full size [or crib?] quilt.

    Are you doing a New Years doll quilt quiltalong? I hope so, even if I really don t have time. And thank you for the prodding on the Porch quilt! I couldnt do H. Sandy clean-up and the holidays AND the handsewing so I am behind. No borders yet.... But snow days are coming and I hope to catch up by next week. Thank you for the inspiration/ energy.

    Happy New Year

    lizzy d

  21. What a wonderful your little quilt...and the deer are the picture of your mom and brother!

  22. Love your AAQI quilt - will you please push me to get some quilts donated this year? I've had the best intentions, but it hasn't happened, and I really do want to get involved. Glad your brother was home - great picture of him with your mom.

  23. I love the picture of your kids with Zach, Hannah and James. It's a fabulous keepsake! You should frame it and hang it up! Love seeing the snow in Madras, too!! Atleast it's not just in Sunriver!

  24. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. Each one with an elderly parent becomes more and more important don't you think? I'll bet your brother is glad he made it home. Wonderful pictures of everyone.
    So that block is called Hidden Star? I'm making something similar and I found it Barbara Brackman's block under the name Prairie Flower.

  25. Yes, another trophy for AAQI. Everything about Hide & Seek is terrific, especially your generous heart.

    The aebleskivers look great, and the handsome group oʻcousins ainʻt bad either!

  26. Gorgeous little quilt...beautiful colours and for a very special cause.

  27. Hooray for Aebleskivers! We're having them this morning -
    wonderful family photos and your new AAQI quilt is sweet - love the spiral quilting.

  28. Hi Lori, Glad you had cousins at your house isn't that fun when all the kids come together. My favorite part of Christmas! Your quilt is so fun and I am glad to see your Mom looking good. That must be a very good facility. I just saw my aebleskiver pan this morning. It almost fell out and landed on my foot. Maybe a little elf wants me to make some for New Years Breakfast! xoxo and hope to see you next summer! Pam

  29. I hope Sven didn't drink too much of that 50 yr old wine! ;-) Your table setting was so inviting, I'm sure there were lots of stories and laughter around the table! Happy New Year!


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