Thursday, December 6, 2012

AAQI Quilts for Sale!

I just saw that my 4 collaborative quilts for AAQI are now up for sale! Kathie Holland made the tops and I basted and quilted them. I'm going to "advertise" on Facebook soon, so may I suggest you purchase it while you can. Click on the title to bring you to the AAQI page.
Holiday Pizazz

Cinnamon Rolls

Blueberry Buckle

Autumn Reflections

Funny how these came up today for sale. I made my mom cry this morning and was feeling pretty lousy about it. I am trying to do something right, though... One thing good about Alzheimer's is she may not remember by tomorrow. Now if I can stop beating myself up about it.


  1. Oh Lori, I bet it would have been hard to make your mom cry before she got this disease (I hardly ever saw my mom cry) --but now everything makes her react differently. You were with your mom--though it would have been easy to be somewhere else--and I know you care a lot about her. Sometimes, we need to "forget" things and move on. Love the little quilts!!! You guys rock.

  2. I didn't even scroll down to see the others, Lori. Holiday Pizazz grabbed me at first glance! I couldn't be happier to support such a worthy cause and now I get to enjoy a lovely little quilt by two of my quilt blog friends. (Love that striped binding ~ and red & could I resist?!)

  3. Great collaborative with you and Kathy, all are sure to sell quickly. Don't fret about what happened with you and your mother today, it was not intentional and like you said she will have forgotten by tomorrow. Just remember all the good memories from the past.

  4. Love the new header, Lori!
    Great little quilts for a worthy cause. I love the one I own made by you, and the one I own that you and Kathie made together.
    Definitely don't beat yourself up. Remember that you aren't dealing with a reasonable adult and you are doing the best you can. Hold your head up!

  5. Do the best you can and take care of yourself. Love the AAQI quilts.

  6. Hugs and prayers being sent your way! The quilts are adorable!


  7. Hey Lori,
    I love the little quilts you guys are making. It is a great fund raiser and an awhereness builder. I can only ditto all the things everybody has said. Sadly, your mom is not the person she was, you cannot hold yourself or her to old expectations. You've done a great job supporting her in this phase of her life. she is so lucky to have your love and concern. Hang in there, looking forward to seeing yousoon, cheers, CW

  8. Lori, Your mom may well not have remembered within minutes of her tears. That's the way it is with this horrible disease. My mom had the same disease and her reactions tended more to intense anger than crying. No explanations or consoling could help, we just had to wait it out until something else caught her attention and things would be better. You're there for your mom, and in her lucid moments she knows that and appreciates you more than she will/can ever tell you. Hang in there friend!

  9. oh Lori my heart goes out to you......
    stop beating yourself up you have been incredibly kind and supportive to your mom and deep down she knows that.
    you did such a great job with the quilting and bindings! look great hope they all sell tonight.

  10. Congratulations to you and Kathie for making those 4 quilts.


  11. Sweet quilts! I'm so sorry about your Mom, but I really can't say anything that hasn't already been said. Just hang in there.

  12. Again, I am too late to snag my favorite, Holiday Pizazz! Congratulations though on your little quilts being so popular and raising monies for research!

  13. My heart goes out to you, Lori. It's possible that her crying had really nothing to do with you at all, although I'm sure it didn't feel that way. You're a great daughter and you've been there for her all the way. You know it and should be very proud of yourself!

  14. Lori, your new red and white quilt looks great in your header!

    Wretched disease! Being a good daughter (mother, wife, friend) isn't easy. Go easy on yourself.

  15. oh lori, don't beat yourself up. Her disease made her cry, surely not you.
    What a great group of quilts! I know they will raise a lot of money.
    xx - hugs

  16. That first quilt with the candy cane binding is wonderful! Those quilts will raise lots for the cause. I'm sorry things didn't go well with your Mom yesterday. Surely your love for her will shine through the difficult times. Sending a hug.

  17. Hi Lori. I'm so excited to get the autumn reflections quilt! I love it!

    I'm sorry you had a rough go with your mom. I had a tough visit with my Dad recently. He's sure he can live out on his own and angry that we won't let him. He's come a long way but still gets confused and is very impulsive. I never dreamed that my siblings and I would be parenting our parent.

    Hang in there.

  18. Lori, the quilts are so pretty. Like a lot of comments before me I love the tumblers.
    Try to enjoy the moments when you can connect with your Mom and try to remember that crying and anger often spring out of confusion.
    My Mom would seem so lucid one minute and literally the next she would off somewhere else. There were lots of tears but we had laughs sometimes when she came out with some wise crack that was just so her.
    Hugs to you and your Mom.

  19. I'm sure your Mom has already forgotten whatever upset her. Remember, it's the disease NOT you that upsets her. You are a wonderful caring daughter and somewhere inside your Mom, she knows it too. God bless you!Great little quilts.

  20. Oh Lori, bless your heart! Sending your a big hug. Those quilts are wonderful.

  21. Sending you Big Hugs from the Hills.


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