Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Adventures of Sven the Nisse

What a fun Christmas weekend we had!
 We booked a beautiful room overlooking the Willamette River in downtown Portland. The idea was to see the Christmas Ship parade. We ended up missing it! I'm afraid I had too long of a  list of things to do this weekend

Accidentally came upon VooDoo donuts. Crazy iconic place in Portland to get a donut or two!
 Shop till you drop!

Had a silly time walking through Peacock Lane. It wasn't as good as it looks like from the website. But for so may Portlanders in the neighborhood it is a yearly tradition.

Had a festive time after dinner at  Pioneer Square .

Sven experienced his first snow!

And so this is still related to Humble Quilts here are my wool stocking ornaments. Pretty silly and prim but fun to make!

If you want to see what crazy thing I did on Sunday click here- Get to Goal.


  1. Very fun, we all need a smile.
    I printed out the stocking patterns, will be fun to try some.


  2. Portland looks like so much fun, the Christmas tree is amazing. I bet that boat show would have been wonderful! I know how that shopping goes, always running out of time to get it all in!

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  4. what a fun weekend! good for you getting away. Portland looks like a fun city, its on my list of places to visit. Ok love that tote bag your using, can we see it up close?
    did you make it ????
    I love quilt themed tote bags! LOL
    Great stockings , every year I mean to make some more to hang on our staircase , never seem to do that
    I need to change that for next year!


  5. Sounds like a fun weekend! The stockings are very cute -I think the tree one is my favorite :0) A ship parade sounds really interesting - maybe next year?

  6. Sven must have been thrilled to have seen snow at last.
    Nice you got to spend time together. Cory and you that is as that Sven is always playing gooseberry.

  7. Lori, Meant to say. I'm going to look at my dentist in a whole new light now and have a little chuckle whilst he is doing my teeth. His name is SVEN.

  8. The question is...what kind of donut did you have?????

  9. Looks like Sven had a great time. Last year when we were in Portland my DD was a bit fixated on Voodoo donuts, but we didn't stumble across it.
    Glad you had fun.

  10. How fun to get away and enjoy the holiday. Did Swen take your picture by the tree? Portland is on my list of places to visit someday. I hear it's a Foodie's paradise.

  11. Did you run the half marathon? How did you do?

  12. You sure know how to show Sven a good time! Adorable stocking ornaments :)

  13. So fun!!! The city is beautiful.

  14. Sven seems to have sunk in the snow - it must be all those donuts weighing him down. Beautiful tree, the twinkly one and the wooly decorated one.

  15. So did Sven take the photo of you and your DH in front of that big lighted tree? : )

  16. The adventures of Sven continue. He's such a well-traveled little guy. Hopefully he wasn't too shocked with his first time in the snow. Ditto on Kathie's question. May we see your bag up close? I think I see some quilty fabric.

  17. what fun! love those stockings!

  18. What a wonderful weekend! The stockings are just darling...


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