Monday, January 21, 2013

Abundance- Part 1

We will be making this unit for step one. I put the original here so you can refer to it for fabric choices.
I didn't take very many photos so bear with me and do not hesitate to ask questions.
We will make this unit  first and it will finish at 4". It sounds small, but you can do it. Take your time and sew your 1/4" seam allowance as accurately as possible. (but it won't be the end of the world if it's humble!)
Cut the pieces this size:
(A) Blue- four 1 1/2" squares
(B) Blue- one  3 1/4" square cut twice on the diagonal for 4 triangles.
(D) Blue- one 2 1/2" square
(C) Pink- four 1 7/8" squares, then cut them in half on the diagonal for 8 triangles.

Make 4 flying geese units by attaching C- (Pink) to B (blue).  Add an A (blue) to the sides of two flying geese units. Add the two remaining flying geese units to the center D (blue). Assemble in rows. Your block should measure 4 1/2"

Now we will work on the hourglass blocks. The original has a large blue check print and a faded tan calico.
From the blue print cut two squares 3 1/4", then cut twice on the diagonal for 4 triangles.
From the tan print cut two squares 3 1/4", then cut twice on the diagonal for 4 triangles.
Piece the hourglass blocks. They should measure 2 1/2".

Now we will make four more flying geese units. These ones will be larger then the first set we made.
From the brown, pink, blue print cut one 5 1/4" square, then cut twice on the diagonal for 4 triangles.
From the light pink print cut four 2 7/8" squares then cut once on the diagonal for 8 triangles. Piece as before.
Line your pieces up by rows, then attach the rows to make the block. Your block should measure 8 1/2"! Ta-Da! Admire your work!!!

Next step is Thursday, January 24th.


  1. While there is no way I can do this right now, once hubbys birthday quilt is done I will try to play along and catch up! thanks for doing this!

  2. It is adorable! I'll have to wait until I get home - we're leaving today & get home tomorrow! I'm trying to remember which fabrics I have that I might use for it. Maybe I should make two!

  3. So cute!!! Thanks so much Lori!

  4. Love it! I still need to choose fabrics so I can get started!

  5. I started picking out fabrics yesterday. Then I thought, I will just cut a few. I assumed it was 18" square. Obviously, I didn't read closely! Oh well, I will sew along in my larger size! I really thought I could follow directions on a quilt this size. Nope. Clearly, I am used to going my own way :).

  6. I want to give this an honest chance. I'm not so good at "small" . Will I be okay to use a lonely charm pack for this, Lori?

  7. love this little quilt thanks for the tutorial...

  8. Hi Lori - I pieced my little quilt on Saturday, then quilted and bound it on Sunday. Blogged about it today. It turned out so cute! Hey - do you think you could do a linky party in a week or two, so everyone could share their versions of this project? I think that would be really fun! Thanks for sharing it!

  9. This is a great little mini quilt! I can see why you want to re-make it.:)

  10. All my fabrics are chosen now I can start cutting. Thanks for the tutorial Lori :)

  11. It's going to be fun to see these pop up in Blogland! You're the best for hosting!

  12. Oh! goodie!!! I picked out my fabric yesterday afternoon and was eagerly awaiting this first instalment. Thankyou for putting this together, it's overcaste and rainy today just perfect for spending some time in the sewing room!!!

  13. I've got my fabrics picked. Can't wait to start sewing :0)

  14. Looks great. Can't wait to get started!! thanks!!!

  15. oh i love it and i can't wait to get started!!

  16. I have mine half quilted...couldn't put it down once it was done and stayed up too late! LOL...didn't start 'til 2PM yesterday. She looks lovely by the log cabin from the last one, so I think she'll go in my living room. Now, I am aching to go back and do another strawberry fields...gave that one away and want one for ME. Thank you.

    Lucy (in IN)

  17. I'm going to do this out of my scrap bag...
    it might look weird : (

    1. It will not look weird! I'm sure the quilt maker of this little quilt dug into her scraps and used what she had. It will be wonderful Liz!

  18. So darn cute - thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Challenged myself again to use what came out of a friends scrap bag but then had to add something from my stash and change it a bit and now I like it so much that it just might grow a bit more and I shall have to start rummaging in the bag again and start another one. It went together very quickly with your excellent instructions.

  20. Thank you for having another quiltalong Lori.

    I finished my little 8 inch square yesterday. :)


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