Thursday, January 24, 2013

Abundance Part 2

We will make the pieced border for this step.
We will start by making the blue and pink half square triangles.
 Cut 2 blue squares 2 7/8", then cut on the diagonal once for 4 triangles.
 Cut 2 pink squares 2 7/8", then cut on the diagonal once for 4 triangles.
Piece these together as in the photo. They should measure 2 1/2".

We will make four more flying geese units. You'll be an expert at that block!! From the cheddar (mine are brown) cut one 5 1/4" square, then cut twice on the diagonal for 4 triangles.
From the blue faded print cut four  2 7/8" squares, then cut once on the diagonal for 8 triangles. Piece the flying geese units as you did previously.

From a different faded light pink cut eight 2 1/2" squares. Lay out your block as in the photo and piece the border and add it to the center block. Yay!! Isn't it adorable? Yours should measure 12 1/2".

I'll post my choice of backing and quilting on the third and final step.


  1. Lori, i have finished my quilt top and now i'm handquilting it. This has been so much fun and i love how it's turned out, thanks again :))) cheers...Marian

  2. I'm hoping to get started on part 1 today, a little late, but with any luck I'll catch up! Love this little quilt.

  3. Just finished my top and absolutely love it...looks SO vintage. Just might have to hand quilt this one.

  4. Lori I just couldn't wait for this installment LOL! I stayed up late and completed this yesterday (your Wednesday!) I just loved doing this little quilt, loved playing with my fabrics, it was a lot of fun!!!!! I have my batting and backing ready for basting now, and will definitely handquilt this little darling!!!! Thankyou so much for this inspiring little quilt, you gave me a couple of days of absolute joy!!!!!

  5. This is really fun. I love making small quilts. The colors are not anything I would have put together but I love them. Can't wait to finish the quilt tonight. I will hand quilt it like the original.

  6. Thank you again for a wonderful tutorial. I love this and had so much fun working on it. It is just the right size to go on my standing quilt holder. Hugs

  7. Great tutorial for a precious little quilt. Love the name Abundance.

  8. cute quilt along Lori - sorry I missed this one.

  9. Just finished part 2 of your sweet little quilt. It was fun searching for just the right fabrics in the scrap basket. I couldn't match yours but i am happy. I will wait and see what you do next before i decide whether to leave it as a mini quilt, make a cushion or make it a little bigger, Thats for the tutorial .

  10. Lori, I made 2, so easy, so fun! And I just blogged about it so more people can enjoy this. Thanks for such an easy project!


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