Thursday, March 21, 2013

AAQI Quilts....Yes, Again!

Up for sale! All proceeds go to Alzheimer's research. Click on the quilt title to go to the AAQI page or click the link.
The Here and the Now-SOLD

Dark Side- Sold- Thank you!


Buckin Hay- already sold

Thank you all for your support! I have to make at least 1 more quilt to reach the $1000 promise.


  1. Are these your last? Well, Dark Side is now sold, too. : )

  2. I love that last one! I`m not surprised it`s already sold. They are all wonderful - I know you will make it to $1000.

  3. what a wonderful goal to have almost achieved, I'm sure all affected by Alzheimer's appreciate the donation of your time and talent......

  4. You are doing a great job Lori. I certainly appreciate it. I have been working on one myself these last few days and hope to send it off soon.

  5. Love the Bucking hay I would have bought that if I would have known.
    amazing that your almost there in reaching your goal, what an amazing accomplishment and for such a great cause.

  6. You are so amazing to have raised that much through these little quilts. They are all wonderful.

  7. hooray!!! I got the Independence piece - I just love it Lori and have been meaning to buy one of your special quilts.
    happy friday

  8. Well done for making so much effort to make these quilts and raise awareness for Alzheimer's . Hope you reach you target soon.

  9. Congrats on this. I have loved all the quilts you have made.

  10. The Here and The Now is wazzam! bright! Gorgeous colors.:) I always enjoy your little quilts made for this cause. Lots of story behind them!

  11. That's quite an accomplishment for only selling mini quilts! Way to go, Lori! I love "Bucking Hay." $$ for a good cause and some lucky people owning some great little quilts.

  12. What a good feeling to know you're going to make 1000$ in contributions. Of course I love them all but I the The Dark Side really does it for me. Beautiful and says so much.


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