Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Center Applique block of Medallion

Thank you for being patient with me yesterday. I've never put a pdf on my blog so  thank you  Kaaren for her help. Now let's hope it works!

Remember, my blog is called Humble Quilts for a reason. There isn't anything very precise about  the center block, other then it finishes at 12". Relax, have fun, make changes as you see fit.

 Center basket pattern

You should be able to click on that link to get to the center basket pattern.  If not, let me know and I'll try and fix it.

You should all know in quilting there are 101 different ways to do the same thing. You have to try a few ways and see what works for you. This is one of the ways I do machine applique.  It's a very casual approach so I hope if you've been afraid of applique that you give this a try.

You will need a fusible web. I use Heat N Bond Lite iron-on adhesive.  Any light-weight iron on fusible adhesive will work.

 Trace your pattern pieces on the smooth side of the paper. Unless you want to put the bird on the opposing stem, you will need to draw it in reverse. I do that by copying it on the rough side of the paper, then tracing it on the other side. (which will be the smooth side)
 Before you iron that onto fabric,  I cut away the center so my applique piece isn't stiff. I only do this on larger pieces. As you can see it isn't an exact science. Just cut some away...or not..... Place your pattern, rough side on the wrong side of your fabric and iron. (follow directions for your specific fusible) Do this with all of your pieces, then cut out on the lines. Peel off paper.

If you are wondering about the stems, you can do them the same way as the other pieces (described above)  using the fusible web.  

I don't have a photo, but cut your background 13" and lay your applique pieces on your background in a pleasing manner, following the pattern.....or not. Iron them onto the background. If you've taken all the paper off, everything should stick!! Ta-da!

Admire your work!!!
Ready to sew?

You will be using a small zig zag stitch using matching thread. I use DMC machine embroidery thread, but any matching thread will work. make sure your throat plate is wide and your sewing foot will accommodate a zig zag. Check your sewing machine manual if you need to. I LOVE my open toed foot so I can see what I'm doing. It is a Bernina #20. 

 Get a fabric scrap and play with your settings. You want a small zig zag stitch. You do NOT want a satin stitch!! The applique pieces are fairly small so don't use a big honkin' width. Practice a little before doing the "real" thing.
You want the outside of your stitch to run right along the edge of your applique piece, when the foot jumps over it will grab a little fabric. Stitch right around the whole piece. If I can go right around the whole shape, I'll usually go over my beginning stitches a little to lock it.
If I'm starting on a little leaf and won't be back I'll hit reverse for a few stitches and take off again.

Just get comfortable with your machine. This isn't a Baltimore Album quilt. Use this as a learning project if you haven't  machine appliqued before. It really is very forgiving.
If you want you can also use a machine buttonhole stitch. Check your manual for info on that stitch.

Once everything is stitched down, press and trim to 12 1/2" Admire your work again!!

On May 13th we will give you the directions for the first pieced border.

Any questions? Please ask!!


  1. I like the design. You did good!

  2. Looks great!!!!! great tutorial

  3. I love your colors, pattern & tutorial. Agree that there are 101 ways to approach a project. Sometimes I use them all in one project. ;-0 Makes life interesting.

  4. Thankyou, great tutorial! I love the colours you chose too.

  5. Very cool! Super tutorial. You're such fun!!!

  6. I love it. Headed to the sewing room right now. Hugs

  7. Thanks Lori! I love the fabric you used for the stems :0)

  8. Well, nice work with the pdf! I love the block. Thank you!

  9. I am excited to get started on this. I need to figure out what fabrics I have and what colors I want. Of what fun!

  10. looks a great project Lori and a great tutorial .
    Can I fit it in??????????????

  11. Great project Lori. You're such a wonderful addition to the quilting world.

  12. Looks wonderful and thanks for the tutorial!

  13. Wish I had time to join in! Nice tutorial and really like how you used the stripe for the vase. A favorite piece in my stash too - from the Lewis & Clark collection? How is the quilting coming along with your Cherry Tree quilt? Mine has been relegated to the back burner until later in June.

  14. Karen asked me if I'd seen this one yet...oh boy, I'm going to like it!

  15. You designed a beautiful center medallion, Lori. Can't believe you claim you are not a designer. First your Jubilee quilt, and now this. Maybe you underestimate yourself! : )

  16. That's amazing, Lori. You are definitely very talented. :-)

  17. Nice machine applique tutorial Lori - easy as pie - thanks very much!

  18. love the quilt. wish i had the time right now but i'll enjoy watching what other quilters do this time.


  19. Your machine appliqued medallion is wonderful. Job well done. Thanks for sharing your process.

  20. me gusta su blog!!!! felicidades


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