Thursday, April 11, 2013


Here's the start of my little doll quilt I'm calling Harmony. I really liked the one word title, like Abundance, so I thought I'd try again. I hope you like it.

I had a few people ask about madder. It was popular from 1860-1880 and was the type of dye they used to make this color.

According to Dating Fabric: A color Guide, "The overall appearance of this type of dye gives the print a coppery tone."
 See more at Barbara Brackman's blog.

A google search for images will give you a wide variety to study.

Here's my start to Harmony, which will finish at 15" square.
Use a photo of the original to choose your fabric.
Cut sizes:
center- 3 1/2"
reddish print- cut four (4) 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" rectangle
For corner half square triangles I cut a 3" square, then cut on the diagonal. Pair with another triangle print, sew, then trim to 2 1/2". Sew center section.

For smaller half square triangle, cut 2' squares, then cut on the diagonal to make 2 triangles. Pair with another triangle print, sew, trim to 1 1/2". Sew 7 on two sides, and 9 hst on the top and bottom. I don't have a photo of mine but I added a few small print pieces and tried not to be too "perfect".

As I cut and sewed half square triangles I also cut various sizes of 3 1/2" rectangles for the outer border and sewed them together randomly as I was assembling the smaller hst border.

I hope that makes sense! Have fun with it!! Be back tomorrow to finish it up.


  1. Harmony is going to be a beauty! Thank you for the lesson on madder dye.

  2. Harmony... what a serene name for a doll quilt! This will be fun!

  3. Pulled some madders yesterday. Going to have a real hard time loosening up to not try to do things perfect (not that they ever end up perfect, but I am usually trying). : )

  4. Yes, I love that color dye! We use to sell fabric like that called Civil War Reproduction fabric! LOVED it, and made myself a coat out of it~ ♥♥♥

  5. Your fabrics are wonderful! Great name for your little quilt too.:)

  6. This is such a delightful little quilt, thankyou for your directions!!!!

  7. I like everything about this little quilt....all it's quirkiness is in perfect harmony!


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