Monday, May 20, 2013

Quilt Market Schoolhouse

Good Monday to you all!! Here's my Spring Market recap. My disclaimer: Quilt market is for quilt pattern/fabric etc retailers. I am not a retailer so this is an ordinary quilters recap. A quilt shop owner was sweet enough to let me register with her. (Thanks Pat!)

We arrived early Thursday to choose our Schoolhouse workshops.  These went from 10:20- 6:00 and varied in length from 15-30 minutes. My blog today: Photo heavy; words light
This quilt was pretty appealing although I did NOT take the workshop...
New info concerning this quilt. It is made my Joyce Lawrence Cambron. Isn't is fascinating?! Her schoolhouse was titled 
"Rethinking Curved Piecing" and if you click on that title you'll be brought to a you tube video with the same title! (see you don't even have to be at Quilt Market to take a class from her)
If you like what you see Joyce can also be found on Facebook. Thank you Joyce for letting me know.
Australian Helen Stubbings from Hugs N Kisses. She was super charming and touts the use of 50% soluble paper that can be washed and left in applique or hexagons. A wonderful product, imho!! Go to her website if you want more information.
Helen Stubbings

Next up was Jo Morton and Andover fabrics.

The guys holding the quilts didn't do a great job so I had to snap fast!

Love the striped sashing and the basket setting.

I had no idea Jo was doing batiks!

Look for this BOM with fabrics by Jo only available with this BOM.

I was a mile away from Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket Quilts,  but I liked her so much. She is  not only a wonderful designer and talented quilter but quite a business woman! I talked to her later at her booth and she knew all about Sven the Gnome! I guess you never know who might be reading your blog! lol
Betsy Chuchian, Betsy's Best was promoting her latest book, Lizzie's Legacy. Out of all the schoolhouse quilts, I loved hers the best.

Back in Andover again with Renee Nanneman of Need'l Love.

Next up, Joanna with Fig Tree & Co. She says she isn't a public speaker but I thought she was pretty funny.....talented too!
How did I end up in Tula Pink's schoolhouse? I'd heard the name and the description said tell a story with a 100 block sampler quilt.  If you've read my blog for any length of time you know I'm a sucker for sampler quilts. This isn't what I expected, but I was pleasantly entertained by Tula! It was standing room only and it's obvious she's got a following.

After this full day we still had sample spree that night, which I had only heard about! I'm so glad we had a bottle of wine while waiting in


  1. Betsy is my neighbor...and works in my hometown quilt shop! Her quilts are truly gorgeous...hope you get all her books!!

  2. esta entrada es preciosa!!! me gusta

  3. I LOVE Edyta..took a quilt cruise with her. She and her family are absolutely adorable! And Betsy's a local celeb! HA She's wonderful also and her (and the Divas) do incredible work!!

  4. You got some GREAT pictures, Lori. You're hired to be the historian!! If I hadn't been there, I'd have been super jealous!!! It was great, wasn't it??!!

  5. Thanks for taking us a long!!! My favourite...that blue quilt!! YIKES!! All those HST!! BUT so gorgeous!!

  6. SO much fun!! thanks for sharing your pictures. That ocean waves quilt - oh my - I love it!

  7. Who knew Sven had such a following? : )
    Oh, Betsy's quilts are wonderful!!
    I was a little surprised to hear you were in Tula Pink's class, but it is nice to broaden your horizons.
    As a follow up to Randy's comment, I'll say I am jealous. But I will try to stifle that and be really happy for you!

  8. Love that Sven is having his moment of fame too.:) Great quilt share! Sounds like a wonderful day!

  9. I love Betsy's quilts too, and have one in her latest book I have a mind to make once I get a few more UFO's out of the way!! What a great show, and to see some of those spectacular quilts in person would have been so inspiring!!!! Lucky you to get to go to this event!!!

  10. I enjoyed the quilt show and I do have the basket runner pattern, didn't realize it was that big, lol.


  11. Betsy's quilts are gorgeous and a nice touch with some sprinkling of green with those pinwheels ... And of course Renee's blue Ocean Waves is a stunner! Glad you're having a jolly time!

  12. Wow! I love all the photos that you shared! It sure is inspiring. I can't imagine how inspiring it must have been seeing them in person!!

  13. I am so glad to see your market pictures. There have not been very many yet on the blogs. I have watched Edyta Sitar on the internet and find her very interesting and seems like she would be fun to take a class with.

  14. What a fabulous experience for you and for the rest of us to see your photos. I appreciate seeing and hearing about market from a quilters perspective. There's some wonderful patterns and ideas heading to our local shops. Thanks for sharing.

  15. So many beautiful quilts. I especially like the Tula Pink one.

  16. Thanks for those lovely pictures Lori - must've been fun!

  17. oh I would have loved to see Betsy's quilts in person! very fun
    thanks for sharing the pictures...
    I loved Tula pink's butterfly that was amazing...

  18. Thanks for those lovely pictures Lori!!
    So many beautiful quilts,..

  19. what a lot of inspiration! yay for a glass of wine :)

  20. Thanks for the awesome pictures.There are fabulous quilts!

  21. Oh wow, great fun and great post. I always wondered how the designers showed their new products at market. Lots of things for us quilters to look forward to.

  22. Thank you for sharing all these gorgeous pictures! I especially love that basket table runner from Renee. That border is wonderful!

  23. Gorgeous quilts, Lori. Thanks for the tour, it was very inspiring. And a sample spree and a glass of wine, that's my idea of a good time.

  24. You gave an great summary with wonderful pictures. Schoolhouse is my favorite day at market. I just love the excitement, and the craziness. The quilts, the speakers, the new stuff. sigh.....
    I took a workshop with Helen and she is fun.
    I never made it to sample spree, if I get to another market, I will go no matter how long the line.
    Glad you had fun.

  25. Thanks for all the eye candy! Sure wish I could have been there. Most of the many pictures I've seen from market are of all the brights, moderns, etc. You have pictures that appeal to me so much more!!!!! I started to wonder whether or not there was anyone there with traditional quilts and reproduction fabrics.

  26. Wow1 that is a very impressive array of quilts, something there to suit all tastes.

  27. Hi Lori! Were you on the front row of my Scholhouse presentation...on my right? Darn the 15 minute time limit, would have loved to talk to you.
    Glad you enjoyed my show and story! and thanks for showing my quilts!!!

  28. Sounds like fun, and quite different from a quilt show. Sounds exhausting, too! Thanks for the pics - lots to look forward to :)

  29. Those are magnificent quilts you showed, thanks for sharing...

  30. You had a great time and TULA is so fun to watch and listen to. Her take on Quilting and fabrics is very different from the traditional that I am drawn to. I had to use a few of her fabrics in my Farmer's wife just to fussy cut and tease the future generation who see it.


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