Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sample Spree

I had no idea really what to expect from sample spree. When we left the convention center about 4:45 we did see people lining up already. The doors didn't open until 8PM! We enjoyed a bit of fortification in the way of cheese, crackers and wine at the hotel. Once we were refreshed we got back in line. 
I threw in another bottle of wine to help pass the time while waiting.  We also got a chance to stitch as well.
left to right: Randy, Barristers Block- Moi,- Carrie, Cricketwood Prims.
The mayhem called sample spree!

Claire and I at the Max station with our "goods"!


  1. You got some great pictures of the frenzy! Note to readers that the Moda booth, always the most popular, is the very crowded one in the left hand corner of that picture of all the crowds. Note also that Lori and Claire both had Moda bags filled to the brim!! Must admit that I did too!! What a blast!

  2. I have heard it is a mad house! Enjoy your bag of goodies!
    I love that you fortified yourselves with wine and cheese...my kinda gals...LOL.

  3. Will a future post show us your goodies from the Sample Spree??? Hope so!

  4. Sounds like fun except having to stand in line for so long. I don't think I would like the crowd either but would be interesting to see new things being presented. And getting whatever goodies come your way.

  5. I've heard about this mayhem. Yes, will we get to see any of the "goods" or are you sworn to secrecy or something? : )

  6. I don't get it?? Sample Spree... they seem to be charm packs and FQ bundles... are they discounted? Why are people lining up for hours??? do they run out??


  7. Don't know what Sample Spree is all about, but it looks fun!!! I hope you will share your goodies with us soon!!!

  8. The goods!! We wanna see them :0) Looks like you had fun!

  9. As some commenters before - I do wonder what a sample spree is? For people behaving so crazy it must either be stuff for free or dirt cheap in there. Me I would have an anxiety attack....or behave like an ice breaker LOL.

  10. When we had a shop in Weaverville, Ca (Quilted Pleasures) many years ago and went to market - we call Sample Spree "stab & grab"! You do meet a lot of nice people and it is fun at market.


  11. I too would love to know why the mayhem and if they are discounted? Also, who gets to go to quilt fest?

  12. ok so whats in the bags thats going to be fun to see!
    love that Moda fall bag
    its my favorite time of year and colors wow!

  13. too fun!
    wine and free stuff? OMG that's my kinda party

  14. Looks like quite a haul! LOL Sure would like a peek in those bags.

  15. Looks like great fun, and how smart were you to bring wine and make it a party?!?!
    Love the handful of bags too.

  16. The three of you look quite happy sitting there :0)
    Now tell us what is happening in that room of sample spree!
    Then show us the goods :0)

    Happy Sewing

  17. I agree, we want to see your goodies!

  18. Love the quilts you featured on your previous posts! Looks like a fun way to spend your day.


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