Thursday, June 13, 2013

Little of This and That

 Here's my little cowboy grand nephew Neil. Thanks again for the western/cowboy fabric you shared for me to make him a quilt. I get the joy of seeing him every so often while I'm working. I entertain him while mom and dad eat lunch. He is so much fun!
 Here are my next three Sally Post blocks. They aren't stitched yet, but I wanted to show them to you. I love the one in the basket.

I've got a few friendship stars made for a little swap at Sunriver with some friends who will be gathering soon for the Sisters Show. I'm getting so excited!!

Speaking of Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show,  the nearby town of Redmond is having a 
Summer Quilt Expo from Thursday - Sunday quilt show week. Click on the link the take you there. If you plan on attending print out a coupon for a discount on your entry.

I was honored to be the featured blog for the Ninigret Quilters Guild newsletter. (Rhode Island)
Thank you so much!!
Only a few more weeks until Google Reader is no more. I'm trying to "claim" my blog at Bloglovin and they want me to insert this into my post. Feel free to subscribe..
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  1. He's gorgeous Lori! Pretty sure I'm already following on bloglovin.

  2. Congrats on the blog nod, that is very kewl. Sally Post blocks are looking great, I like the flower on the left :0) Fun Friendship blocks for Sisters, coming up soon!, where does the time go? Following on bloglovin already. Will be interesting to see how that transition goes.

  3. Just joined Bloglovin' recently, and you're already on my list! :D

  4. What a cutie! Your Sally Post blocks are lovely. I like the one that looks like a tree.

  5. Such a cute little cherub. Want to pinch those cheeks.
    I love that basket block, too, Lori. So pretty!
    Congrats on your feature!
    Looks like some fun brewing for Sunriver!

  6. oh what a gorgeous little baby Neil is :-D

  7. Looks like a happy little guy! Love how your Sally Post blocks are coming along.:)

  8. As my Mom would say, "what a doll baby"!
    Your blocks are sweet. Friendship stars are a favorite block.

  9. Cute baby.
    Congrats on being an honored blogger. You deserve it!
    I can hardly believe it is nearly time for Sister's again.

  10. OMG! That little sweet face is adorable! Oh, and the quilty stuff is good too! BUT OY! That little face!!!!! lol

  11. Very cute little grand nephew!!!! The applique blocks are beautiful, as as the little Friendship Star blocks!!!! I've been trying to decide between Bloglovin and Feedly, so with the help of a more savvy computer literate friend he suggested I try Feedly, so I sort of think I may go that way - but I hesitate.....don't know which way to go!!!!

  12. precioso bebé!!! y trabajos muy bonitos, las estrellas de la amistad me gustan

  13. I've joined Bloglovin' too and I get your Blog there.

  14. adorable! love the applique blocks, I like that tree made me smile!
    friendship star blocks are always fun I started making them with my hst drawer,
    swaps are always fun! can't believe its time for Sisters already

  15. The flower pot block has been my favorite design thus far. I can understand why you like yours so well.

  16. Darling little cowboy and Sally Post blocks. Congrats on the blog of the month honor! Have fun at Sisters! I am so jealous.

  17. What a cutie young Neil is!! Congrats on the blog of the month!! I'm all signed up for bloglovin - thanks for the link for you.


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