Monday, September 30, 2013

Almost October and Tea Time

I left for the weekend and did a little hand quilting, but straight line stitches are boring to blog about. (I did a race if you'd like to read about it here) So I thought I'd show you another craft I did this weekend.  My sister and I like to try out other crafts but our "duo" projects end up lacking severely. Pinterest craft gone bad!!
I saw these cute decorated pumpkins in a magazine and thought we'd do them while I was visiting.
They didn't turn out too bad if you had a big group of them together. I brought my three home so it's a tiny group.

So, what do you think? Success or failure. (I can take the truth!) lol

I was surprised at how many people are tea drinkers. If the tea is good I'll drink both! I was thrilled to try out Davisdon's Tea and am thrilled to share with.....

I don't care for coffee so that puts me in the tea drinking camp.

Debra from MD please send me your mailing address and I'll send you a variety of teas to try.

Please click n Davidson's name above to go to their website and see where you can find these wonderful organic teas.

Thanks you all for playing along!!


  1. The pumpkin project is a success! I think they look great! I have so much stuff on Pinterest that I will never get around to even a small number of them.

  2. Very cute pumpkin decor, Lori.
    When the nest emptied I no longer had the desire to carve pumpkins, but this looks like it would be fun!

  3. Very cute! Much better than carving.:)

  4. So pretty! Definitely a success!

  5. I think the pumpkins are fun. I don't think I could get away with it at my house though. Pumpkin raving night it a big deal around here :0)

  6. preciosas calabazas
    ¡¡¡ como me gustan!!!

  7. The pumpkins are a delight. I like the polka dot one. I never buy pumpkins any more but you are tempting me. I think I will look the other way and just go with my fall quilts for decorating.

  8. Love the pumpkins, great success!

  9. Great pumpkins! Sorry forgot about you coming, dog keeping us very busy and we worked on the sprinkler system in the backyard. Hope you had a good race and maybe won!

  10. Any group of pumpkins is fun to see, especially if they're something other than the ordinary carved faces. It's definitely a case of the more, the merrier, and the more festive they look. You have some winners in the group. It looks like they were great fun to make.

  11. success! I think they are super cute!!

  12. Success for sure! They are all adorable.

  13. ohhh very artistic, they look fabulous grouped together!!

  14. Absolutely love the pumpkins, a definite success!


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