Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hand Quilting, Faithful Quiltalong, and Life Tidbits

Life has been great since vacation... The addition of being able to spend some time in my sewing room is how it could improve!! I'm hoping to remedy that today.

Good news, my thyroid dr said I do not need to return for 2 years!! And unless he sees any big changes he will not do an ultrasound.  Yay!!

There was a message on my phone yesterday from my mom (who has Alzheimer's) "Sorry I missed you,  I was out front." Nice of her to call and tell me that, but I saw her yesterday! lol lol She has gotten a bad cold twice in the last few months and every time she gets sick her mentally capacity shrinks a little and never gets better. It's funny that I notice it now, where as a couple of years ago I would not have. Overall she has been doing pretty good.

Did you chose and make a 6" block for the quiltalong? I'm calling it "Faithful" to go along with Abundance and Harmony.  We just saw Old faithful, celebrated 32 years of faithfulness to my husband, and what do they say about dogs? That they are faithful too! Look for the next part this week, hopefully tomorrow.

I put my Cherry Tree quilting away while we were gone and now that the temps have fallen, soon, it will be time to get serious about doing more. I'm using frixion pens to mark it and will iron them away when I'm finished with this section.

Added: The use of Frixion pens has come up in the comments so I thought I'd add these links to my previous posts about them:



Here's another project I'm working on in the evenings. I'm close to finishing the center portion of quilting and will do some outlining with my machine. I marked this with the Hera marker, which I love for straight line quilting!!

Make it a fantastic Tuesday!!


  1. Lovely hand quilting, Lori! I have three projects to finish in the next two months and am also happy for the cooler temps. :-)

  2. Your hand quilting is just wonderful on these quilts ! I also have been enjoying the cooler evenings finishing the binding on a few quilts !

  3. Lovely applique and hand quilting.. Reminds me to jump back onto hand quilting a Christmas wall quilt I've been working on for a couple of years.

  4. I always love to see the progress on your Cherry Tree quilt. I have never gotten the hang of using a Hera marker. I love the idea of it but the line always disappears on me so I use tape instead.

  5. My six inch block is made. Went with a nine patch. Looking forward to the next clue.

  6. Your quilt is becoming more and more beautiful as you add each stitch. I hoping to find some time to quilt here very soon.

  7. That is beautiful quilting and it is going to be a beautiful quilt. I am happy to hear that you got a clean bill of health and prayers for continued health in the coming years.


  8. Your hand quilting is beautiful. I have had little time in my sewing room, but mostly cause I do not feel that well. Sew a few stitches for me. :)

  9. The Cherry tree quilt is coming along really nicely!! You sure are productive. so glad the thyroid is no longer an issue!! WOOHOO!!

  10. Impressive hand quilting, Lori. I like the Hera marker for straight lines too. Doesn't last long, but then, it doesn't have to. Just long enough to see where we're going.
    Good news on the thyroid. A recheck that far out is definitely what you want to hear.
    Looking forward to the next step in "Faithful." I like your reasoning for that name.

  11. Great hand quilting! Thanks for the lovely close -ups and for the recommendations with marking. Sad for you with your mother but good that you can see some humour in it - she is lucky to have you so attentive.

  12. I have never had any luck marking with a hera marker. Is their a trick I don't know?

  13. Yes, I chose a block, but haven't made it yet. It is the same one I posted in my last blog post in a table runner. I hope I can reduce the size to 6". If not, I will make something different. Great news on your thyroid - good health is top priority. Your hand quilting is so PERFECT!!! I just can't get excited about doing it myself. I still haven't finished hand quilting the doll quilt that I was working on during our trip to OR and can't decided how to quilt the border.

  14. Wonderful hand quilting on Cherry Tree! If I use a Frixion pen for marking, it's only on light colored fabrics... learned that the hard way!

  15. holy cats~!!~your hand quilting is stunning~!

    i'll be choosing a block for the 'faithful' QAL today . . . i hope.

    good news on your thyroid issues~!


  16. Yep, 6" block done. I love using frixion pens. If the dark fabric gets a light whitish mark, it does come off with washing after ironing (even a wet cloth). Fall makes me want to JUST sit and handquilt.

    Lucy (in IN)

  17. So nice to see your hand quilting, I've sure been enjoying mine. Have never used a Hera marker, how does it work?

  18. beautiful stitches! Got mine out too. Hooray for colder weather.
    good news from the Dr. :)

  19. Faithful sounds good. Wonderful stitching both hand and machine quilting, you are so good. Love the Poison Greens and the fabric you used for the basket in Cherry Tree!

  20. Congrats on the good medical news!!! Lots of delight in this post. Your hand quilting is divine.


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