Monday, September 16, 2013

I managed to get one block completed in the car.

This is the closest thing to a quilt shop I've found open! Lol


  1. What a sweet block - and even more so if you stitched that in the car! The blue plaid of the flowers was a nice choice.

  2. Well that's a fun, cute, happy block!

    Fabric! :)

  3. Block looks great!
    If you find a good quilt shop in that neck of the woods, I hope you will share the location. We go through Montana and Wyoming every few years and it would be nice to know if there is something worth going out of the way to see.

  4. Oh it looks really good what stitch did you use?
    Is this one of the wool blocks?

    Happy Sewing

  5. Stitching in the car ! Good for you ! WoW !

    I LoVe the neutrals in the little drawer.

  6. Cute Block. Was that quilt shop part of an Antique Shop? Not much there. Love that drawer though!

  7. can't believe you an applique in the car! good for you - I can quilt or EPP.
    at least the quilt "shop" didn't take long to shop, lol

  8. The block looks great! At least you can't spend too much in that 'shop'. LOL Hope you are having fun.

  9. I love the blocks you are working on. What is the name of the book or pattern for them? Hugs

  10. Did you use a different color for each piece or just a neutral to whip stitch? Love your way to prepare


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